Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Musings On School Dances

Coolister before he left to pick up his date for Prom last year.

My kids have enjoyed their fair share of high school dances. Boy asks girl (or vice versa) in a fun, creative manner, they receive an answer and they go have a grand time at the dance with a group of their friends.

As a mom, the hardest part of these dances was watching my oldest boy drive off to pick up his date, knowing I was going to miss out on seeing his date's dress and getting pictures of the two of them together. Or hearing ElemenoB talk about the guy she asked to such-and-such a dance but never getting to meet him because she had to pick him up.

It is really unfair that I miss out on half of the photo opportunities for dances my kids go to (unless I decide to be a stalker - which I only do when I know the mother of the other kid). But I have a solution!

From here on out I propose that all parents who get to take pictures of their son/daughter when the young man/woman arrives to pick them up should ask the young man/woman for his/her mother's email address and then send her some pictures of the two of them all decked out. Either that or call and invite the mother over to take pictures so she doesn't feel like a stalker.

Are you with me? Let's get it started!


Alexis said...

I have the pictures from prom. Some of them are on facebook but if you want the other ones I'd be happy to send them to you! Just let me know.

Richard & Natalie said...

Gerb, Plain and simple, they should bring their date back to your house so that you can see them and get pics. (Unless they live a very far distance away.) I always did this with my dates. Plus, the dates that picked me up always took me back to their houses, so that their parents could see us. I think it is just plain good old respect for the parents. That's just my 2 cents and experience anyway.

Rachel said...

On it Gerb! Count me in!