Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Who Is That Masked Family?

Cowgirl was sick yesterday.

She stayed home from school to (hopefully) recover from the last of her sore throat and cough while the other kids headed off for the first day back after Christmas break.

(I love when my kids stay home!)

As soon as the other kids were out the door she set to work on her plans for the day.

We all became superheroes.
I have always wanted to be like that mom on the Incredibles. Look, you can hardly recognize me!

Curly wanted a crown. Cowgirl was only taking orders for masks. They compromised.
She then made Hubba a Thomas the Train mask.
Princess requested a red mask.
And then, of course, Cowgirl made herself a cowboy hat-mask.
Sick days are awesome.


Cami said...

Sick days ARE awesome! I remember trying to pretend to be sick when I was a kid. Sick days at our house meant hot chocolate, snuggling in bed, and Little House on the Prarie.

P.S. You look like Mrs. Incredible, therefore you ARE Mrs. Incredible! (Seriously, and in more ways than one.)

Maleen said...

You could totally pull off Mrs. Incredible. And I can't help noticing that the hair is still straight. Are you opting for the don't wash it for 5 months, or did you straighten it again?

Rebecca said...

Hey Gerb,

Awesome self-portrait!!!

Teachinfourth said...

So, do the super powers come with the mask, or are they sold separately?

Chelle! said...

So, the next time that I am sick, can I come over and make some masks? You are the coolest Mom!!

Gerb said...

Cami- Sick days at my house meant being alone and bored. I pretended I was fine so I could go to school. And p.s. you flatter me.

Maleen- I tried for the 5 month deal then decided to go ahead and wash it. It's curly again and I like it!

Rebecca- Thanks for noticing! I used all the tips that were left on my "Thinking Out Loud" post.

Tchn5th- We all have super powers. The mask just helps bring them out. Try it sometime! (Should I have Cowgirl make you one?)

Chelle!- Cowgirl and I will be expecting you sometime before it gets warm again...