Friday, January 2, 2009

My 15 Minutes of Fame

Don't get too excited... it was only in my friend Rebecca's dream.

But still, I performed with Donny Osmond! How cool is that? He's like the Mormon Michael Jackson. Hey, dream or reality, I'll take what I can get.

So today, for your reading pleasure, may I present (in her own words!) Rebecca's dream:

In my dream...  You came to my house, very excited to share the news that you had almost been privileged to perform with Donny Osmond! And even though the performance didn't work out, you did get a beautiful, flowing dress (it was brown with blue trim, and very 70's chic!) out of the deal. I was so excited for you. So was Doug. (Rebecca's husband, better known around here as D-Dog or Scoop Dougy-Doug) You led us (through the air--we can fly in dreams, you know) to the place where you were given the dress. It was his apartment complex lobby, in a big city. You put the dress on, and it was lovely, of course. You were lovely. And then...Donny himself came into the lobby to greet you. I pulled out the video camera to record (of course, even in my dream I had video issues and could only capture 30 seconds of it!) as you and Donny sang, danced, and signed "Soldier of Love" together, al impromptu. I was so impressed and wondered how he knew the signs, too. You guys were fabulous, performing together! The small crowd in the lobby cheered, and then Donny graciously got away and went back to his business (checking his mail or whatever). But as we went outside to leave, we ran into his lovely wife and she sat outside on the grass with us and chatted with us (at this point, you were the big celebrity, of course!) about her family woes. So I once again took on the role of paparazzi and went down the grassy hill a distance to take some still shots of you and Mrs. Osmond and your groupies. And darn it if I didn't have camera issues AGAIN! This time, it turned out I was holding the camera upside down and getting a glare in the pics. Silly me!

How do you like that? I flew! I had groupies! I wore a fabulous, flowy, 70's chic dress! And Donny Osmond knew sign language! (I'm sure he was tutored by his brothers, Virl and Tom.) Honestly, does it get any better than that?

OK, it would have been amazing if I sang an encore number, maybe a song from Newsies, with Christian Bale.


Martha said...

Awesome clip!!!!LOLOLOL!!!!

Mom of Three said...

Love the clip! I love Donny! Love your blog too, thanks for letting me stalk you! ha ha

Cami said...

That clip always makes me laugh, ALWAYS!

You are awesome, even if you didn't get to sing an encore with Donny or a song from Newsies with Christian Bale.

I didn't know Donny knew sign language.... ;)

P.S. There's a door (somewhere on BYU campus).

Rebecca said...

Good news! I got a new camera for Christmas, so hopefully when my dream comes true (and I'm sure it will), I'll be ready!

Gerb said...

Martha- I love it, too, mostly because it is so completely opposite of what I think Donny Osmond is really like.

Mom of 3- Stalk away... I have looked your blog over and over and still can't figure out if we've ever met in real life.

Cami- Is it the door to the secret tunnel system? Oh, wait... I've already said too much...

Rebecca- Woo hoo! I love having my own paparazzi.