Saturday, January 17, 2009

What's For Dinner?

It had been a long time since I made Sweet and Sour Chicken for dinner.

I love this meal. Even though it takes a little more effort than usual, it is well worth it.

I gathered the ingredients and began to slice, measure, chop and mix.

Boy, did it smell tasty when it was finally ready to serve!

I dished up a serving for everyone, proud of myself for putting forth the extra effort.

I was a true domestic goddess!

As the kids gathered around the table, Princess looked upset.

"What's wrong, Princess?" I asked. "Why are you sad?"

No response.

Me: "You should be SO happy today because look! Did you see what I made for dinner? Do you know what it is?"

Princess: "Yeah. It is dus-gusting!"

Now I remember why it has been so long since I've made it.

I am the Domestic Goddess of Disgusting.


Amber said...

It looks good to me

Amanda said...

It looks good to me too! Yummy!

Sybrina said...

Oh, I love sweet and sour! I used to make it all the time- but apparently this new generations doesn't know good food when they see it! Captain won't eat pizza! None of them will eat spaghetti! Miss M doesn't like syrup on her pancakes. And, Mr K won't eat pudding... Weirdos!

Sister Pottymouth said...

I have a note from A-- from when he was about 5 or 6. He was mad at me and was in time out in his room. He slipped a note under the door telling me how the dinner I made was "disgusting" and that he would never eat it, ever. Funny thing is, that very meal is his favorite thing now.

Sarah said...

Oh, wow. That looks sooooo yummy!!! *running off to make something mediocre for dinner*

Gerb said...

Amber & Amanda-
Well now I know what to bring your family for dinner the next time someone breaks an arm or something. (Let's hope that doesn't happen...)

That is weird. Pizza? Spaghetti? SYRUP? Are you making this stuff up?

Sis. P-
The things they say in the heat of the moment! I know they're mad, but it always cracks me up when they're not looking.

It's no Rice Krispy treats, but it's good stuff. =0)

Panama Jones said...

I still haven't gotten my kids to like zuchini, and while I could swear they once liked my beef stroganoff now they tolerate it, at best. Are these really my kids?

Teachinfourth said...

Okay, I burst out laughing at this little gem. Of course, this way there's always more for you. Right?