Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Guest Post: Mary Sunshine

Hello. My name is Leiannaconnaannaconnadonna. I was actually born on a small island off the coast of Iowa where my parents named me Mary Sunshine but that name was a little too... merry. Plus it was the same as my mom's name. So I legally changed it when I left home at the age of 14.

I have traveled the world in search of the perfect donut, sharing my accordion music along the way. Seriously, who doesn't totally love accordion music? And donuts? I know, crazy to even think about it.

On Tuesday I made it to this city in Utah where I had heard there was an amazing bakery. I was dropped off near an elementary school so I decided to check it out.

As I wandered the halls, I saw a sign that said "Literature responses due!" on one of the doors. I wanted to find out what that was all about so I stepped inside.

The teacher welcomed me to their class - he didn't call security or anything - and asked if the kids could ask me some questions to practice interviewing really amazing people who played the accordion. So I was like, "Yeah, no problem" because people are always fascinated by me and want to ask me stuff. I am totally used to it.
They asked me to play them a little polka so of course I obliged. They were completely amazed by my talent and I think I even saw a couple of kids wiping their eyes afterwards. I do that to people all the time so it didn't come as any big surprise.

Some of the questions the kids asked were weird. Like, "How do you feel about your music?"

I mean, hello! I play the accordion, kids. How do you think it feels? Obviously amazing.

And then one of them asked me why, at the age of 2, I chose an accordion over a car.

Again, it's an accordion. After I let the kid who asked that question get an up-close look at Baby (uh, it's not like I named my accordion but sometimes I call her that - you got a problem with it?) he totally saw the light and was like, "Yeah, I'd totally choose an accordion, too." And I was like, "Yeah, that's what I thought."
One kid asked if they could feel Baby. I was thinking like, "Are you totally kidding me? No way, junior!" but I got all sweet-like and said, "OK, you can all touch her with ONE finger later".
My favorite question was "What is your favorite kind of donut?" I had to try real hard not to bust a gut over that one. I mean, they're donuts. That's like asking a mom "Hey lady, which one's your favorite kid?" I tried to stay all calm though and named a few of the goodies: Boston Cream, Maple Frosted and of course donut holes.

One kid even asked what my favorite fast food restaurant was. These kids! So funny. I just named a couple - Dunkin' Donuts & Yum Yum Donuts. You know what I'm talkin' about? If it's a donut and I can get it quick, I'm pretty dang happy.

Well, all great things come to an end, and I knew I couldn't stay there forever, so I had to say goodbye. I gave them all a real treat and let them touch my accordion before they headed out to recess like I said I would.
I said ONE FINGER but some thought they'd be all funny and touched Baby with two fingers or even THEIR WHOLE HAND and I got a little persnickety but it turned out alright.

I polished Baby down real good after I left that place.

Next I'm heading to the Salt Lake City 'cause I hear there's some Dunford Donuts that taste real good up that way.

Oh yeah, I guess the teacher guy was pretty floored by my performance and the ambience I brought to his classroom and everything 'cause he totally wrote about it too. You should go check it out by clicking on those blue words. This computer stuff is pretty amazing.

Kind of like me and my skills on the accordion.

And donuts.


Teachinfourth said...

Leiannaconnaannaconnadonna. Sorry about misspelling your name...I had no idea that you'd be reading my blog from wherever you are.

By the way, all that stuff I said about you being odd was just to be funny. I think you're really really...

cari said...

You're awesome!

Gina said...

I love you!

Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness, that last line on Mr. Z's post MUST be incorporated into your blog header. It's perfect!

CoolRunnings said...

Please, please, please can you find out where Leiannaconnaannaconnadonna gets her hair done???

You are having WAAAY too much fun, girl!!!

jasonkillilea said...

i love you gerb.

how long ago did you do this?

you should do this again

Happy Hubby, JJ, Bugs, Nenie and Sadie Jo said...

I really think you should write childrens novels. You would be excellent at it.

Is your friend Mary Sunshine Pippy Longstockings cousin?

Gerb said...

I think she wrote this from the library. She sent me an email and said she found Dunford Donuts and they had to call the police to get her to leave, she couldn't stop eating them and wanted to 'sing for her supper'. What a weirdo.

Why, thank you!

I love you more!

It was perfect, wasn't it?! Too bad I'm not a smarty when it comes to creating blog headers or I just might have to do that...
Are you trying to hint that you're sick of looking at my dumb rainbow picture?

Aunt CR-
I'll try to contact her again, but she is a wanderer so I can't promise anything.

This was Tuesday. If I'm ever in northern CA I'll bring her with me and she'll play a little polka number for you.

I used to want to write children's books but then life happened. Thanks, though!

Chelle! said...

Oh my!!! I wish I could have been there!! You are too great!! I can not stop laughing!!! Oh, I am so glad you are my friend!!

Sarah said...

Another well-needed giggle quota filled by the ever-fantastic Leiannaconnaannaconnadonna. THANKS!!!

Martha said...

I just LOVE your blog! I never know what I'm gonna see here, but it ALWAYS makes my day! I wish I knew you IRL.