Monday, January 12, 2009

Music For Monday

When I am happy, I like to sing. Loudly.

When I am sad or upset about something I like to sing even more. And even louder.

The song does not matter, as long as I know all the words and can sing along.

Music somehow helps bring happiness to my heart or peace to my inner turmoil - even more so when I can belt it out, unabashedly.

It's a good thing it's winter and my windows are closed.


Kristi Wilkins said...

I love Allison Kraus

Trish said...

Love this song!!!

Rebecca said...

I know someone else who enjoys belting it out, whether or not he knows all the words: John Daker.

Gina said...

Love that song. She does it best. Gotta say though, not so sure her violin was a necessary in that number.

Oh...and..thanks a lot for putting me 4 minutes and 2 seconds behind on my segments. I am dying this month? Are you?

Chelle! said...

I am so excited for our band. We are going to be so AWESOME!!

Gerb said...

Kristi- Me too! I am glad to be in touch again. Gotta love the internet!

Trish- I think she sings it better than anyone.

Bec- I had to google the guy and then watch it a couple times to see if he was for real.

Gina- Agreed on the violin. And at this point, is only 4 completed segments considered procrastination?

Chelle- I have never been in a band before. I am thinking we may need costumes. Can you do the air guitar? Or maybe the harmonica? I'm brushing up on the accordion...

Teachinfourth said...

I love this song...her voice is so hauntingly beautiful.

When I first heard Nickel Creek I thought that Sara's voice was Allison Kraus.