Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Two weeks ago Hubba came to me, just as the sun was barely peeking out from behind the mountains, and informed me that "there is something freaky on our swingset".  I looked out the back window and saw that it was a bird - sleeping soundly.  I love birds and felt kind of honored that this little visitor was comfortable enough to nap in our yard.

I was sure that once the sun came out, it would be gone.  After the kids were all sent off to school and I was starting on the breakfast dishes, I glanced out the window and noticed that the bird was still there, now awake.

Does anyone else think it's awesome how the bird decided to rest just above a sign that reads Leisure Time?

After another hour or so, our feathered friend had still not left.  I began to worry that it was injured and went outside for a closer look.  I got some close-up shots and posted them on Facebook, asking if anyone knew what kind of bird this was.

My friend Jes gave me the answer I was looking for - she said it was a Whippoorwill and that I was lucky because they are rarely seen.  I did some research online and found that our visitor matched the description of a Whippoorwill - except for one thing.  I read that because of its nocturnal habits, the Whip-poor-will is infrequently seen.  The other fact that I thought was awesome is that a group of Whippoorwills are collectively known as an 'invisibility'.  Birds with super powers!  Does it get any better?

This bird was definitely not trying to hide.  I was sure that it must be injured and I worried abut one of the fifty million cats in our neighborhood attacking it.  I went back outside to figure out a way to somehow protect it from predators until I could figure what to do next.

I walked over to where the bird sat.  It was not afraid.  It did not fly away.  It watched me, and I admired it.  It looked so peaceful and content.  It was beautiful.  And then it stood.  I froze.  I snapped a picture and then we stood there, staring at each other.

I realized right then that I have had birds come visit me often, actually.  And something in my heart told me that this was not a coincidence.  That this bird had come as a way of letting me know that my Heavenly Father is very aware of me.  Without going into more personal details, that's the best way I know how to explain what I felt just then. 

The Whippoorwill turned, sat back down, and closed its eyes.

I just stood there, in the quiet of the morning, appreciating its beauty.  I wondered still if it was tethered by some kind of injury to the spot where it slept.  I had seen that its legs worked fine.  Maybe it had a broken wing?

And then Baby X woke up.  After feeding him some breakfast, I brought him to the window and showed him the bird, still perched above the swings.  He got really excited and wanted a closer look.  I figured it couldn't hurt - there was no way he could get close enough to the bird to harm it in any way.

That Whippoorwill woke right up when Baby X came out there.  It stood again, then tilted its head to the side, sizing him up.

Baby X leaned his belly onto a swing just below the bird and pushed himself off of the ground, laughing as he spread his arms wide and reveled in the feeling of flying.

Before I even realized what was happening, our backyard visitor surprised me by immediately following suit and taking flight as well.  At first I was sad to see it go, but then felt comforted to know that it wasn't injured.  It really had just come for a visit. 

I thought the bird had broken wings.  But no, it was fine.  And now it was off where birds are meant to be - flying free.  Defying gravity.

Once again, a feathered friend had come to teach me a lesson.


Just SO said...

What a wonderful visitor! And that is so cool that you got to see this "invisible" bird. My mom would always talk about Whippoorwills and how she loved how they sound.

Brown Thumb Mama said...

I think that was indeed a superhero coming to tell you that he is OK. :o)

Rachel said...

I don't think it is a 'coincidence' that the Lord notes where each sparrow falls...... Poetic.

I loved your other post too on the humming bird.

It is testimony to me that our Father truly does know each and every one of us and knows how to reach us and send us messages through the things that we take note of and love.

Linn said...

That was beautiful. I hope you are okay friend. Thinking of you.

Blogful said...

Cool! Hey, wanted to tell you we had oatmeal cake for breakfast. Thanks for posting yummy recipes.

Autumn said...

That is really amazing! Animals flee from me. What does that mean?

Autumn said...


Chelle! said...

As I read your post, tears filled my eyes. I don't believe that this is any type of coincidence. Heavenly Father knows you and loves you so much. He knows that you need a lot of comfort right now. He is aware of all of your feelings and thoughts...all of them. He is just reminding you that He brings comfort in many different ways...many different ways. Love ya Gerb!!

Richard & Natalie said...

This was a tender mercy if I have ever heard of one. Tears here.
Loved all 3 of your other bird stories and the lessons contained within them.

Petersons Blog Spot said...

I love how you recognize the little special moments and take the time to tell us about it. It teaches me to stop and notice too.

Anaise said...

Isn't it a miracle that Heavenly Father knows and loves us . . .

Danielle said...

That's awesome. Gave me chills that you received acknowledgement you needed right then.