Thursday, September 27, 2012

There Is Beauty All Around

On Monday evening we were dazzled by a beautiful rainbow.

Tuesday morning brought heavy clouds that enveloped the mountains to the east.

By early Tuesday afternoon the clouds seemed to be lounging comfortably at the base of the mountains to the south. 

Wednesday was a perfect day for a drive up the canyon.

We were completely amazed by the bright splotches of color everywhere.
 These pictures really don't do the colors justice - they were so vibrant!
 Some of the leaves on this hill were shades of fluorescent red, orange and pink.

The view is always best when some of my favorite little people are a part of it.

We could have spent the whole day in the canyon but by afternoon we headed back toward home to get Curly to kindergarten.

Wednesday evening I noticed the brilliant sunset down by my favorite tree.

I don't know how autumn isn't everyone's favorite time of year.
I love the beauty that surrounds this place we call home.


HL said...


Rachel said...

I have wondered the very same thing! Autumn! How can it NOT be everyone's favorite!?

Shawna said...

I'm so glad the smoke from the fires finally left so we could enjoy the vibrant colors. Your photos are beautiful. I've been up and down the Provo canyon a few times the past week. Not one picture I've taken has come close to capturing the beautiful colors. Just wish they'd stay around a little longer

Richard & Natalie said...

I love fall! The change of temperatures, colors and light just awakens something in me. I am with you, how can it not be a favorite?!

Corine said...

...beautiful! :)

Autumn said...

My husband and my boys are out of town for a few days and I have wanted to visit you. Would there be a time this week that would work for you? It's really fitting for me to visit considering the season. 801-376-4823

Anonymous said...

LOVELY photos and great blog! i started a blog too and i hope you visit it. maybe you are interested to participate in my blog? i hope so :-)