Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Long Stay In The UK

Allen got to go on a business trip to England for 9 days. I have to admit I was a tad bit jealous because he got to visit so many awesome places. Their hotel was right next to the London Eye and had a great view of Big Ben and Parliament.
Each evening they did touristy things (this one's for you Sweeney Todd fans)
(he could not find anyone selling meat pies)

or caught a show. They saw The 39 Steps as well as this one:
But he was nice enough to pass on this one:
so I wouldn't be completely jealous.

The breakfast buffet at the hotel offered some typical morning fare as well as a few interesting things that we wouldn't normally think to eat for breakfast, like pork and beans on toast. During various meals he was able to try fish and chips and a pasty as well as cuisine from a good variety of other cultures.
Allen emailed us a few pictures each day and this was definitely one of the kids' favorites:
because he didn't even know he could have dialed 62443 and gotten into the Ministry of Magic! (He can be such a muggle sometimes.)

Oh, yeah - he did work, too.
They rode on either a really fast train or a subway system called The Tube to get to where they needed to be:
(at the train station)

(on the tube)

As much as I missed him while he was gone it was a lot of fun to be a world traveler vicariously and to hear about and see snapshots of everything he experienced.

My favorite part of his trip, however, was when he got home. And not just because he brought us these:
although that was a nice little bonus.


Rachel said...

When they come home is most assuredly the best part. The treats they bring with..... icing on top of the cake!

Glad he made it home safely.

P.S. I don't see any Gummy bears there........ ;)

Brown Thumb Mama said...

What a fun trip! I thought you were going to announce that Coolister was doing his mission in the UK when I read the title. Phew! That day will come soon enough.

Rebecca said...

9 days is a long time to act like a single parent of 10! You deserve a break, Gerb! (like maybe a crunchy Kit Kat!)

Richard & Natalie said...

WOW! He definitely has more fun than Richard does on his business trips. It probably makes it easier to be away to be able to do something fun. I am glad YOU made it through! The pic at the end had me longing for CANADA! The Crunchies and Kit Kats look just like the Canadian packaging.

Petersons Blog Spot said...

You're right Natalie, wait, you guys don't get crunches or kit kats?

Gerb said...

Rachel- I forgot to ask for gummy bears! Next time.

BTM- That day will come sooner than I'm ready for! I'll be sure to let everyone know, though.

Bec- I had more 'breaks' than anyone else, I'm sure. But when that chocolate just sits there all day, looking at me, how can I resist?

Natalie- Allen's boss is pretty awesome. He likes to make sure they have some fun while they're away to make the trip worthwhile. Does Canada get the stuff that's made in the UK? Maybe that's more a question for Jerri...

Jerri- Does Canada get the chocolate that's made in the UK? We do have KitKats, but they're made with chocolate that tastes more like dirt and wax now that I've had the better stuff. No Crunchies, though. Want to do a swap?!

Teachinfourth said...

I know a certain girl who couldn't wait for her dad to come home.

Gerb said...

T5- And she was well-rewarded for her patience. :)