Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Modern-Day Hairy Tale

...there was a boy named Coolister.
One day, after Coolister had proven that he was ready,
he left his home to attend a university where he could learn new things, make new friends and experience all sorts of new adventures.
Before he knew it, Coolister was living a very full and busy life.
Very, very full and very, very busy.
So busy, in fact, that he didn't have time to cut his hair.
Coolister's hair grew and grew and grew some more. One day, Coolister went home to visit his family.
"Coolister, we love you!" his family exclaimed joyfully. "But we do not love your hair!"

Coolister laughed (as he was known to do) and he and his long hair went back to the university. His hair grew and grew until eventually it could fall back against the sides of his head like two wings on the side of a bird. It grew over his ears and curled up at the back of his neck.
Every time Coolister made the journey home, his family rejoiced at his return. But still they said, "Coolister, we love you! But we do not love your hair!"

And Coolister always laughed (as he was known to do).

One day Coolister decided he had had enough of this small animal who was taking residence upon his head. He told his mother, "I am ready. It is time to cut my hair."

There was much joy and rejoicing throughout the land!
Coolister and his mother went to visit a cousin who was well-known for her ability to use her magic scissors in order to transform hairy beasts into handsome young men. With a snip-snip here and a clip-clip there, Coolister's transformation was complete.
When Coolister's family gazed upon his new hairstyle, they shouted for joy. "Coolister, we love you! AND we love your hair!"
Then Coolister laughed (as he was known to do) and they all lived happily ever after.


Rachel said...


We had the same hairy tail ;) at our house except it was a FRO! It didn't get long....... it just kept growing out! And big! SCARY! It was NIGHTMARE!

But it's better now. Some shrubbery pruners were taken to it and trimmed it back.

Megan Urbanik said...

AHH! I love it!! :D haha! Your posts are always so amazing!!

Linn said...


Alkaline21 said...

About time! I've come across him on campus every so often, and every time I think: Why is he wearing a gopher on his... oh wait, that's his hair.

Chip said...

You call that a lot of hair? I know a starting quarterback who got closer to violating the honor code than Allen's feeble attempt.

Richard & Natalie said...

:) Cute story and cute boy, made even cuter AFTER the hair cut.

Petersons Blog Spot said...

Ha Ha Chip that's funny. Love the story Gerb. I love happy endings! Jerri