Thursday, February 23, 2012

Double One!

Today is our sweet Cowgirl's 11th birthday. Here are eleven things that I love about her:

1. She was born not even a month after my dad died. I was still having a hard time with that loss when this sweet, wide-eyed little darling joined our family. I am not exaggerating when I say she was a perfect baby. She almost never cried, and when she did it was just a sweet little sound to let us know she needed something. She would wake up and lay there in the crib until someone noticed her. She was born with a birth mark on her forehead which the nurse who helped with her delivery called an angel's kiss - and I believe she really was sent down with an extra measure of love from my dad.

2. Cowgirl was our first brown-eyed girl and I loved singing the chorus of Van Morrison's song to her as we'd dance around the house when she was small. When we got to the part where I'd sing, sha-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-dee-dah she would giggle like crazy and just melt my heart every time.

3. She has such a kind heart. Cowgirl is always looking out for those who are left out or sad so she can try to somehow brighten their day.

4. She is excited to be old enough to babysit for others and actually enjoys getting some good practice in with her younger siblings when I run a quick errand somewhere close by. She comes up with fun and inventive things for everyone to do in order to keep everyone happy.

5. She is a great artist and writer. She loves to draw pictures and has a notebook filled with dress designs that she'd like to actually make someday. Cowgirl loves notebooks and fills them with pictures and words. Her poems and stories offer a unique and interesting perspective and are almost always cleverly funny, too.

6. I think it started back when we went to our first Texas family reunion, but Cowgirl is a country girl at heart. She loves horses, boots and cowboy hats over the usual cutesy girl stuff (but she can be cutesy, too). She loves being outdoors and often points out the beauties of nature that are overlooked. Every chance she gets she asks for a horse. Maybe someday, Cowgirl. It's good to dream.

7. Cowgirl is amazingly creative. She can turn a box into a fort complete with skylights, curtained windows and a secret exit. She can turn a piece of fabric into a purse, doll clothes, a costume or any number of other things. She likes to do things differently than others and I love her unique perspective.

8. She is almost painfully shy if you don't know her well or if she's put into a situation she's not familiar with. But she takes the time to observe what's going on and how she can best fit in before she starts to come out of her shell a bit. And once you get to know her really well, she can get pretty crazy.

9. Cowgirl loves music. They are learning how to play the recorder in her music class at school and she has mastered it to the point where she helps other kids now. She has a beautiful singing voice, plays the piano and wants a ukulele, too.

10. She wants to be a runner like Coolister, play basketball like ElemenoB, become a seamstress like Thumbelina and go on campouts like All-a-Boy. She looks up to her older siblings and wants to have the best parts of each of them as a part of who she is.

11. Cowgirl is some sugar and some spice, which keeps things interesting.

I can't believe it has been eleven years. As the saying goes, time flies on wings of lightning! You're growing into such a bright and lovely young lady, Cowgirl. Have an awesome 11th birthday.


Linn said...

Happy Birthday to that darling girl! Our Annie turns 11 this year--I didn't realize they were close in age. Hope her day is wonderful!

Rebecca said...

Even though she's eleven, she might enjoy a picture book called "Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse." It's a new favorite I picked up at the last school book fair. (I'm too lazy to go find out who the author is! But you can e-mail me if you need it. I might have more energy later!)
I do remember what a perfect baby she was! That's no exaggeration!

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Cowgirl! Tell your mom that you want to spend your Saturdays out at the pasture with Henny Penny! :D

Anaise said...

Happy Birthday to Cowgirl!!!

Katie said...

Oh how this post makes me feel so old! I can't believe I'm thinking in my head, "I remember when she was in my nursery class." Happy Birthday Cowgirl. Happy Birthday.

Connie said...

Happy Birthday to that cute Cowgirl. She sounds very ambitious and talented!