Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Great Hair Debate

What is it with a woman and her hair? Or maybe that would be better stated as: what is it with me and my hair?

I have noticed that many of my friends have matured enough to have found a hairstyle that they are content with, one that they maintain and keep. It doesn't look like it changes much because they visit their hairdresser regularly and keep it the way they like it. I'm not sure I will ever reach that point.

First off, I can not get the whole 'regular visits to your hairdresser' thing down. Sometimes there can be as much as a year lapse between my haircuts because I'll just... forget. But when I do make an appointment? Whoa, man. Look out. The entire week between the day I call the hairdresser and the day I get to the salon I am constantly debating what to do with my hair.

Every day I am Googling pictures of possibilities, pasting them into a word document and then looking them over obsessively. Is this model's face as long as mine? Is her hair naturally curly or are those curls created? Could I pull off this straight look? I resist the temptation to go on to Facebook and create a poll:

Gerb's getting her hair cut, what do you think?
1. Short, medium or long?
2. Dark, light or a different color?
3. Highlights?
4. Keep the bangs or lose them?
5. Stay curly or go straight?

When it comes down to it, I always end up just looking like myself, the same old Gerb I've looked like since my late high school years (plus a few well-earned laugh lines). But no matter what happens, I always wonder; if someone with a little more fashion sense could choose the way I styled my hair, what would they tell me to do?

I'm getting my hair done tomorrow. And I'm going to love the outcome, no matter what, because I'm a happy person who loves me for me.


(But seriously, what do you think? Maybe you should answer that poll in a comment.)


Rachel said...

I hate hair and think we should start something where we all shave our heads and go bald!

When mine is long, I wish it were short. When it is short, I wish it were long..... When it is curly (always) I straighten it......

I'm of no help in this department. Did I mention I hate hair? And that whole scripture thing that says every hair on our head will not be lost...... really? Cuz I was really hoping to spend eternity with better hair.......

A Lark said...

I am constantly changing my hair style - mostly because it is one thing I can actually change instantly. I've found that for the most part, it gives me a "new" feeling that is kind of exciting for awhile. Over the years, I've become a lot more experimental and less worried about what my hair will look like after a visit to a stylist. After all, hair will always grow out, or you can dye it back, or cut it differently...

How much do you trust your hair stylist? Sometimes the person who does your hair will have a great idea for your hair that you didn't think of.

If you don't want to cut it, you could get a few highlights in a weave.... just to try it out. (:

You will look fabulous, whatever you decide.

Petersons Blog Spot said...

I think you should go punk, put a few pink streaks along the bottom, maybe shave one side of your head... Actually, I like the picture you put with this post. I asked my hairdresser what she would like to do to my hair and (I guess I have lots of faith in her) it worked for me.

But like A Lark said that it is fun to change once in awhile.

Rory, Chocolate Hair/Vanilla Care said...

spending as much time as i do trying to convince mothers to teach their daughters to love themselves just the way that God made them, i love both your curls and your colour. and bangs work for you. and since i love your hair so much, i like it long, because you can never have too much of a good thing.... :-)

Gerb said...

Rachel- SOOOO many times I have wanted what my kids call a 'boy haircut'. But I have had my hair super short and it was traumatic enough with my large forehead that I'll never do it again. I can only imagine how terrible I'd look if I were bald!

Lark- I sort of feel the same way but I feel like my hair always ends up looking just the same - curly. However, I think I'm getting to where I'm okay with that. I just need to find some fun styles to change things up every once in a while. :)

Jerri- My hairdresser is amazing and she's the one who tells me this is good hair for me. I always love it when I leave there, too. So maybe I just need to trust her and go see her more often?

Rory- Thanks for your honest opinion! I am going to take everything you said into account when I go in tomorrow. And honestly, I don't think I could go straight - I wouldn't have the patience for it.

Anaise said...

I don't have an opinion other than to say I think you're lovely and I hope your date with the hairdresser is fun!

Elizabeth said...


I don't leave comments very often but I suffer from the same hair cut syndrome you seem to. I have found only one solution. I find a stylist that I trust (this usually takes some time). Then I simply make my decision her responsibility. I usually say something like "OK, make me look cute, but just remember I only have 30 seconds in the morning to recreate what ever you do". In the past this has worked and I usually leave the salon with a hairstyle that is attractive and simple to replicate.

I remember you from when I lived in Torrance. I was good friends with Amy King (Jayne's little sister). I went to church with them often. I was not a member then but am now. I have enjoyed reading your blog and giggling over the wonderful situations your beautiful children find themselves in. Thank you for sharing your life with others.


Rebecca said...

I always think I want a change, but no matter the cut, I tend to style my hair exactly the same way, and by the same process. Maybe you could ask for some different styling tips, rather than a new cut/length/color.

Connie said...

Hair style, hair color, short, long, straight, curly. It has always been a dilemma for me too. I had naturally curly hair until the twins were born. Now it's straight! I used to have brown hair too, but now it''s lighter.
I have no advice but I hope you post a picture of your outcome today.

Brown Thumb Mama said...

Right there with ya, sistah! Straight, curly, short, long, black, purple...I can't make up my mind with my hair either. :o)

I just got a book from the library called Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey. Her tips have made a HUGE difference in my curls and how soft my hair feels! I definitely recommend it.

Please post a picture!

Gerb said...

Anaise- Thank you! I always have a wonderful time at the salon. My cousin/stylist is awesome.

Elizabeth- I am dying to figure out who you are. I'm sure we knew each other, right? Maybe you should send me an email with your last name included so I can figure this out. (gerbdonna at gmail) Thanks for taking the time to comment!

Bec- That is exactly what I did. I had her style it a different way for me, a way that is easy to duplicate and will give me some variety in my styles. Thanks for the suggestion!

Connie- I had blonde hair until I started having babies. Funny what a kid can do to your hair, isn't it?! I was going to post a picture but since I'm the one who takes the pictures around here and I didn't want to do a mirror shot (I always feel so awkward!) there was none to post.

BTM- You know I'm always up for a good book recommendation. :) Thanks!