Monday, August 2, 2010

School Shopping

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Don't ask me why I did it. I'm not so sure myself. But last weekend I took all of kids back-to-school shopping. At the same time. Yes, you read that right. All 9 of them.

The truth of the matter is that aside from it being completely exhausting and mind-numbing, it was actually kind of entertaining.

I paired most of the older kids off and sent them in search of clothes while I helped the younger ones with their selections. It turned out that Coolister didn't think he needed any new clothes with his recent bounty of birthday clothing so he took the two youngest non-school goers to peruse the toy and book sections of the store. Thank you, Coolister!

All of the kids had fun finding various articles of clothing that they tried on and narrowed down to "the ones", and I enjoyed helping them with their selections, but my favorite was Hubba. Let me first mention that I have never taken him shopping for clothing before - it has always just magically appeared in his dresser drawers.

When Hubba and I approached the dressing rooms to try on his pile of jeans, shorts and shirts he immediately informed me, "I don't need to go to the bafthroom!" I explained that these were not bathrooms but places to try on clothes to see if they fit. He cautiously opened a door, peeked inside and turned to me with a huge smile on his face, yelling loud enough for all to hear, "THERE'S NO TOILETS IN THESE FUNNY LITTLE BAFTHROOMS!" and let out a long giggle. I had to laugh as well. They did look like bathroom stalls.

I handed him a pair of jeans and told him to go in one of the little rooms, try them on, and then come out and show them to me. (Let me add here that I would normally just go in with him but I had to be available to see what my other kids were trying on in their own dressing rooms as well.)

Hubba thought this was a lot of fun and would come out each time, strutting and jumping to show me all angles of his clothing, and each time proclaim, "It fits! Let's keep it." Even when the pants came up past his ankles or the shirts showed his bellybutton. In his opinion, every item was a keeper. He also became aware that there were other parents waiting for their kids to try things on so despite my attempts to get him to stop, he often talked to them whenever I was preoccupied with another of my kids' clothing.

"Hey, lady. Did you see these great pants I got on? They're for school. P-cause I'm going to kinnergarden!"

"Excuse me, man. Did you see my cool shirt? Do you wanna see the back, too?"

"Hi there, guy. Like my shorts? They fit, doncha think? Hey, mom, that guy says my shorts are good. Let's buy 'em!"

It was more like a comedy show than a shopping spree. If I didn't have to stand the entire time (when did they stop putting chairs near the dressing rooms?) I think the whole experience would have even been enjoyable.

It's pretty amazing how something I dreaded was changed when my 5-year-old let me see things from his perspective.


Linn said...

What a brave woman--I'm SO glad it turned out so great! I'm a fan of that Hubba for sure. He makes me laugh hard!

Teachinfourth said...

You know, it's funny… I can totally imagine that little show that he would put on. I'm also proud of the oldest man cub for being willing to take the youngest to do something else. That boy never ceases to amaze me!

Perhaps next time you'll take some video so as to share the comedy with all of us. Rock on.

Shannon said...

Sheesh - I get worn out just taking 4 shopping and their all over 5 years! You truly are a Superwoman!!

A Lark said...

Seen through the eyes of young children, everything can become new and exciting. I thought of the same ideas as I took my nephews to Salt Lake today, and even the endless construction became something "fun" as we looked at all the different kinds of trucks and equipment.

Your kids are so cute!

Gina said...

What a show. Sounds like fun. Then again, your life is a musical.

Cara said...

Haha ha! That was a good night laugh! Thanks for being brave enough to have 9 kids but even braver to take them all shopping!

Farscaper said...

What a CUTIE!!!

Rachel said...

Huge is going to be my turn soon...... I hope one of mine makes it a little easier on the nerves!