Friday, August 20, 2010

PG-13 Bonus Material

(Awesome darkish camera-phone picture)

Allen and I celebrated our 18th anniversary this week with a matinee showing of Lion King, an excess of great food, some needed shopping and overnight stays at two of our favorite Bed And Breakfasts.

The second place we stayed keeps guestbooks in each of their rooms. Last year we stayed in a different suite and discovered a treasure hunt that someone had started in that room by reading the past entries in the room's guestbook. This prompted my reading the book in this year's room - but a different surprise was in store.

You would think that a simple Thanks for a great stay or Loved the room & breakfast! We'll be back! would suffice, but no. We could not believe the things that some people had written in these books; especially knowing that others would read their words and see their name signed just below what they had to say.

Would you like to see a few of the guestbook entries that we found unbelievable and/or humorous?

I thought you might. But let me forewarn you, some of them are a bit... well, racy.


Anaise said...

Happy Anniversary--I'm curious about what comments you left.

Katie said...

Happy Anniversary!!! As for the last feature to your story, yikes. The question I'm dying to ask you now is, would you read the book in your room again or did that pretty much scare you away?

Richard & Natalie said...

Wow! is right. I am always curious as to what makes people think that everybody else wants to hear about their bedroom escapades. This just deepened that curiousity. I hope you had a great get away despite the reading material.

Rebecca said...

I don't want to touch anything in that room now.

Verification: cringies

Sarah said...

Further proof that some people never mature beyond age 17 or so.

A Lark said...

Ha ha! Love all the comments - thanks for sharing. Now be honest... you wrote that last one, didn't you? So Allen's a pole dancer, huh?... (;

Cara said...

Wow. Where is this place?

Farscaper said...

First off.. what's the name of that place?

Second.. did you check out the room with a black light first? ewww

Third.. did you have fun?

I'm sure people looked at you guys funny in the morning anyway. Must have thought with your belly bump that your room was full of "magic water". You grew that over night! LOL Granted.. your baby bump is so dang cute and tiny, no one probably noticed.

(yes, it's late and I'm tired. Just ignore me.)