Monday, August 30, 2010

Quick Quips

From the mouths of my kids...

"I know I'm getting big p-cuz there is more hairy stuff growing on my arms."

"When I go to school I'll have math tests and exercise. And then I'll tell my cheecher that I have to go to the baf-room."

"Dad, can I play the Wii?"
"You'll have to ask Mom, she's the boss around here."
"Because you're not bigger than her anymore?"

"I can't be friends with girls because girls don't rule the world." (He'll learn.)

"Hey Mom, who's your boyfriend?"
"That would be Dad."
"What?! You married your boyfriend?!"

"When we sing 'Love one another' does that mean Satan, too? 'Cause he's not exactly what I call lovey."

H: "I don't like you."
C: "Well, I don't like you, either!"
H: "But I do still love you."
C: "Well, I still love you, too."


Shannon said...

A perfect start for my Monday morning - thank you Gerb!!

Rachel said...

That last one. Isn't that just typical of siblings? They can beat/yell at each other to death but man oh man, anyone outside of the family tries..... and they'll get their heads ripped off!

diane rene said...

HA! LOVE IT!! thanks for the Monday giggles

my little one says, dad can't be your boyfriend, you already married him. why don't you have one of each like dad does? (BTW, dad's girlfriend is Jasmine from Alladin)

Katie said...

Thanks Gerb. I love it when you post your quick quips. Oh how I always look forward to them.

Teachinfourth said...

It's funny that I can tell who several of these individuals are…

So, should we love Satan?