Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This Girl Scouted Some Cookies

I somewhat fondly remember my days as a Brownie Girl Scout, going door to door in hopes of selling enough cookies to earn a ticket to the annual trip to Disneyland with my troop. I always emerged triumphant, often out-selling the rest of the girls and earning the coveted '400+ cookie sales' badge to proudly display on my sash.

The cost of Girl Scout Cookies has changed dramatically from the time I was selling them, which I suppose is expected. Now that I'm on the purchasing end I willingly shell out my cold, hard cash for a substantial stash of Samoas which I can ration out to myself until they are available for sale once again.

Okay, let's be honest... they never last longer than about two months.

Alright. One month.

FINE! They don't even last a week. And then I'm driving all around the neighborhood, pulling up to the Girl Scout Cookie tables in front of every grocery store and Stuff Mart in town, yelling out my window like a crazed lunatic, "HEY! GIRL SCOUT! PLEASE? DO YOU STILL HAVE ANY SAMOAS LEFT?!" in hopes that they haven't sold out.

Why, oh why do they only hold their cookie sale once a year? Also, what is it about buying them that makes me feel like I'm being conned into a "Once-a-year opportunity! Act now before they're gone!" sort of deal?

Well, Girl Scouts, I've got news for you. My days of stockpiling a stash of Girl Scout Cookies in the back of my freezer every year are over!

OVER, I say!!

Last week I was perusing the snack aisle at the grocery store when what to my wondering eyes should appear? Girl Scout Cookie knock-offs!

I thought it was too good to be true, but at the screaming deal of 3/$5, I couldn't resist a little taste test of my family's top 3 flavors. And guess what?

I am in love.

I would even go so far as to say that the store-bought knock-offs are better. More flavorful. And most importantly: available year-round.

Don't worry Girl Scouts, I'll still buy a couple of your boxes when you come knocking at my door once a year. I have too many memories of people saying no to me when I was in your shoes. But when you show up this year I won't have that crazed, sign-me-up-for-twenty-before-it's-too-late!! look in my eyes... because way in the back of the bottom shelf of my freezer, behind some freezer-burned venison and nestled inside an empty bag of mixed vegetables, my personal stash of elfin-made Coconut Dreams will be replenished and waiting for me.

Samoas, you have met your match.

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Anonymous said...

On Wikipedia it states that Keebler is one of two bakeries who make cookies for the Girl Scouts. I would have thought they would not be allowed to sell them as their own too, but apparently they do. That may explain why you like them so much!