Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Missing Family

This family picture is proudly displayed in the hallway of our home. It is the one we get the most comments and questions on, which always leads us to do a count of who is missing since this photo was taken.

Allen came up with the idea of just placing a sticky note in the corner so that we wouldn't have to do the count every time. Brilliant.

The people you see here are our immediate family on Allen's side. I have written before about his parents, the best in-laws a person could ask for. (Go ahead and read that post so you can understand what amazing people they are. Seriously.)

Most people who see this picture are amazed that it only contains the children, children's spouses and grandchildren of the same two parents. Apparently the size of our group is unbelievable - and then we tell them how many are missing. This picture was taken in the end of 2004. Almost six years later and we're already missing 25 people.

You would think that the solution is simple, right? Just get another picture taken.

We wish it were that easy. With so many people involved it is inevitable that someone will be on a mission, out of state and not able to make it, having a baby, or even stationed far away with the military.

So not only are people missing from the photo, they are missing from our lives much too often as well.

Until the time that we are all able to gather for another group shot we will continue to count how many are missing from the photo - as well as the number our hearts are missing.


Merri Ann said...

What an amazing photo. I just love it. We did a photo of all the grandkids for my mother and father-in-law last Christmas. The result was beautiful and something to be treasured ... we each ended up ordering one for our own homes. We also agree that we have to do it each year.

Thanks for sharing ...

Richard & Natalie said...

The last picture we had with all of Richard's family was at our wedding- almost 14 yrs ago. I understand the challenges of getting everyone together and think until it is possible a sticky note is an excellent solution.

Shannon said...

You guys could totally build your own personal nation..very cool.

lee woo said...

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. See the link below for more info.


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