Monday, August 9, 2010

Race For The Cure

This post is LONG overdue...

Waaaaay back in May I had the chance to attend the Susan Komen Race for the Cure in Salt Lake City. A group of friends went to participate in support of our friend Jes who had surgery to rid herself of cancer. (p.s. I hate cancer.) She is doing awesome and is SO loved!

Our team was called "Wish Upon A Star". We were encouraged to wear plenty of pink to show our support of kicking breast cancer in the trash, so I found this amazing ensemble at the local thrift store for only $15 total! Can you believe it? I wish you could see my awesome pink shoes, too. And don't you love the wand?

When we found out that roughly 18,000 people would be participating in this event, we decided to ride Trax in to Salt Lake. That ended up being a very wise decision because the streets were PACKED! On the way up my friend Clint and I lamented over the fact that there was no way we would find Jes among a crowd of 18,000... but all was well. We had a post-race meeting spot all planned out already.

When we exited Trax, miracle of miracles, there was JES and her family! She had ridden in on the very same train as we had, just one car up. We got to walk the whole route with Jes and quite a few others in our group.

The shirts that people came up with were my favorite part. I didn't think to take pictures of everyone's shirts until the end, when I saw this one:

But a few of my other favorites were:

"We're Walkers For (insert name here)'s Knockers"

"Save second base!"

(On a man's shirt) "I'm here for the boobs."

I am not sure that words can really express the awesome feeling of being one person in a sea of 18,000 - all there united in one cause.

It. Was. Amazing.

I am not sure pictures can show it accurately, either, but that's what you're gonna get...

Here's Team Wish Upon A Star:

I think our shirts said it all...


Rachel said...

Wow! That is an amazing amount of pepto bismal!!

So neat that you would do this. Glad you got around to posting about it. Your costume was quite awesome!!

Linn said...

This post made me a little teary. I did one of these races in St. Louis when we lived there and it is an incredible feeling. It is too hard to describe the experience, but you did a great job. Good luck to your friend Jes.

PS. I hate cancer too.

Lori said...

What amazing show of support. I love the "I'm here for the boobs."

And you are so adorable, Gerb.

Teachinfourth said...

Rock on, Gerb! I think it is amazing that you took part in this great event for others. It kind of reminds me of the race that you ran earlier this year… if that race was awesome, I can only assume that this one was even better.

Farscaper said...

I hate cancer too!!

I LOVE survivors!

Richard & Natalie said...

I loved your get up, especially the wand.

It is wonderful that Jes has such great supportive friends like you.

You won't believe it, but guess what my word verification is? Chest. How completely appropriate.