Monday, February 8, 2010


always #1 on my favorites list... my crazy family

My friend Natalie issued a challenge last week to write a post listing 100 of my favorite things. I have not been able to get past the writing of this list to post anything else for some reason. Maybe it's because I don't like to leave things unfinished & my list was something I took some time at, thinking through each item before I would add it. Maybe it's because I have a bit of OCD in me and I was bothered by the fact that I could not come up with a logical way to put my list in order.

As I read over my list I realized that it is not only comprised of things that I am thankful for, but also things that I love.

So, in all its randomness, (no specific order was decided upon so I just left it as is) here are the first 100 favorite things that came to mind. These are the things which never fail to bring me happiness.

1. my family (Allen & our awesome kids)
2. my amazing in-laws
3. friends who are like family
4. extended family
5. the promise of rain
6. rain
7. the smell of the earth after rain
8. clouds
9. birds
10. the ability to create
11. cooking for fun
12. sewing for fun
13. Giving someone a gift that I know is exactly what they wanted - especially when they didn't realize it was exactly what they wanted until they opened it.
15. everything about the mountains
16. The ocean, specifically Redondo & Hermosa beaches in Southern California.
17. accomplishing something I didn't think I could do
18. brownie bites
19. newborn babies
20. my Primary class
21. my religion
22. camping, except for the part where I have to pack beforehand
23. prime rib
24. Fuddruckers burgers
25. knee-high, non-white socks
26. bakery-fresh donuts
27. my Kitchenaid
28. naturally curly hair
29. photographs that capture memories
30. poetry
31. my accordion
32. the power in words
33. Converse All-Stars
34. Levis
35. the beauty of sign
36. having a marketable skill which would allow me to work immediately if needed
37. parents & siblings
38. rollerskates
39. mini muffin pans
40. sharpies
41. the smell of a new book
42. my years with fireflies (or, as we used to call them, lightning bugs)
43. happy memories of my childhood in Iowa
44. happy times in California
45. calling Utah home now
46. pretending to dance
47. singing!
48. the internet
49. modern medicine
50. my washer and dryer
51. forgiveness
52. Saturdays
53. a star-filled sky
54. kindness
55. love
56. my iPod
57. can't-put-it-down novels
58. writing
59. eating from a vegetable garden in the summer
60. notebooks
61. old, weathered buildings which hold a lifetime of stories
62. learning something new
63. seeing the best parts of Allen and I reflected in our children
64. Coolister's self-confidence
65. Elemeno B's desire to try new things
66. Thumbelina's creativity
67. All-a-Boy's vocabulary
68. Cowgirl's opera voice
69. Princess' unexplainable, precious way of speaking
70. Hubba's precocious ways
71. Curly's crayons & made-up songs
72. Little O's curly locks & happy nature
73. Allen's ability to do everything he sets his mind to
74. the public library
75. good surprises
76. the little pancakes that form when a drop of batter drips onto the pan
77. unexpected packages
78. autumn's colors, holidays and weather
79. the first day of a winter snow
80. the way the world reawakens in spring
81. summer vacations
82. letters in the mail
83. living the teenage dream
84. freshly made, non-spicy guacamole
85. picture books
86. water
87. our new fence
88. good health
89. compliments
90. laughter
91. eating food I didn't have to make
92. those cream puffs you can buy in the frozen dessert section
93. finding the exact thing I need for a steal of a deal
94. finding something I don't need, but want, for a steal of a deal
95. good news
96. spending time with my friends of the older generation & basking in their knowledge and experience
97. spending time with the younger generation & remembering those days
98. eyes as a window to the soul
99. happy expressions
100. homemade granola


Teachinfourth said...

Gerb, you nailed several of the items I didn't have on my list, but now wonder why in the world did I not put them there in the first place.

I guess I could always finish my list now...

Richard & Natalie said...

Gerb, Your list is fabulous!
I tried to do my list really fast so I wouldn't over think it. But now that I have seen some of my friend's lists, I'm realizing I didn't think long enough. There are some great things I missed. Non spicy guacamole...Pancake drips...Notebooks & cream puffs- just to name a few.
Thanks for playing along and doing it.

Brown Thumb Mama said...

Hooray! I love your list. You are one of my 100 favorites! :O)

Autumn said...

I have missed reading your blog lately because I have been consumed with a house we are in the process of buying and it is a major fixer upper. We are super stoked to be home owners! I'm not kidding when I say I would buy your blog if it ever was made into book form. It always puts a smile on my face or causes reflection. You are amazing!

Anaise said...

I had homemade granola for breakfast this morning--Yum!

Gina said...

Love it. That reminds me. I want to make homemade granola. I will have to add those items to a grocery list. And, those little pancake drips are good.

Gerb said...

T5- I put WAAAAAY too much thought into it, but it was a good exercise for me. I'm still waiting on your last 10 Mr. Procrastinator.

Natalie- Thanks for the challenge. I think the problem is that, initially, listing 100 things seems like a daunting task. But once you get going you realize that the list is endless. There are SO MANY things that I didn't have room to include. Thanks for reminding me that I have SO much to be thankful for!

BTM- You will forever remain at the top of my list of favorite cousins. Thanks, Pam!

Autumn- Congratulations! What exciting news! And here is where I want to call you and talk all about your fixer-upper projects and where the house is, etc. I can only imagine the amazing things you and your man are doing to your new place. You better blog about it! I am hoping to print a copy of my blog this year... it will probably be a few volumes at this point because I've procrastinated it for so long. But not to sell... just to have. Thanks for the compliment, though. You never cease to make me feel awesome.

Anaise- I haven't made any in quite awhile. I need to get on that - STAT!

Gerb said...

Gina- I have the best recipe in the WORLD if you want it. It makes a 5-gallon bucket full and it takes a good part of your day to bake it but your house smells heavenly and you have plenty of granola as a result.

Lori said...

Oh, how I love your list. It's so original. I particularly love, I wonder if your and Trish's kids are going to check that out and be like, NOT!!!!! NOT EVER!!!!! Love the pancake drips. Yum.

Deb said...

I love so many of your top 100 too! I remembered things I loved till I saw it typed out!

Cami said...

Can you please capture Cowgirl's opera voice on video. I am SO wanting to hear it.

Elemenob said...

Mom- #61 is one of the reasons I love old, rundown houses! They have so much history and personality.