Friday, May 25, 2007

Happy Graduation!

Dana, Trish, Gerb, Debi and Julie (photo by Julie D., I am sure!) at Gerb's 8th grade graduation

No, you are NOT looking at a photo of members of the band, "A Flock of Seagulls". This is my friends and I in 1986, when I graduated from 8th grade. I will never forget the formal peach dress my mother made for me, complete with bows at each shoulder and throughout the skirt, as per my request. Man, I loved that dress. And I remember more than anything that all of my good friends (who were NOT in 8th grade, by the way) came to my graduation. These are the kind of friends that you grow up with, hang out with, and share brains with. The kind of friends that you promised to live close to when you grew up and got married so your kids could be best friends, too.

At this point, I would like to point out Trish. She is standing to my left in the pinkish-red sweater. Guess what? We're living the junior high dream!! Trish and I both lived in Utah after marriage, and our husbands became even better friends than we ever were. I hesitate to say that, but I can't think of a time that Trish and I called each other up to go get a newspaper together. Our husbands did that once. (once!) Trish and I had our first babies exactly a month apart. They became friends - they had no choice in the matter! They even had cute names for each other as soon as they began to speak: My boy was La-La. Her daughter was Na-Na.

Ok, back to my 8th grade graduation. Now, fast forward 21 years. La-la and Na-na graduated from 8th grade on May 23, 2007. From the same school! And their names were next to each other on the program! HOW COOL IS THAT!? Trish and I even got to sit by each other and give commentary on the ceremony. Which was maybe not so good, because I say what I really think when I'm talking to Trish. And we may have giggled a bit too much. And maybe annoyed people. Because deep down, a part of each of us is still in 8th grade.

With a bit of threatening, we were able to get them to stand next to each other and smile so that * their mothers could ooh and aah over how grown-up they are.

Aren't they beautiful / handsome?!

* And so we have a picture to display--fast forward 10 years--at their reception.

But don't tell Na-Na and La-La.


Julie said... cuuuuuute!

They'll die when you pull that one out 10 years from now.

Gina said...

Are you kidding me? You are a RIOT!

c jane said...

This was a fabulous post. But will they get married? That is the question.

Also, your peach dress is a dream. I would've KILLED for a dress like that back-in-the-day. Lace and matching bows on the sleeve are you kidding me? If only my mother sewed.

c jane said...

I just saw that both Gina and I said "are you kidding me?"
In case Gina thinks that I am nothing but a blogger with a case of the copies I want you to know Gina that it is more like we are like-minded individuals. And so, party on...

laura said...

Look at Allen all grown up. What a handsome boy! That's a great story. Cool to juxtapose your eighth grade grad with his. I wish one of my junior high dreams of living near a friend would have worked out. But here we are, way out in NY!