Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Umbrella Day!

I know, I know, you've all been waiting months for today's holiday. What do you mean, what holiday? It's Umbrella Day of course!

Okay, in all honesty, I had no idea about this holiday until I noticed it on my calendar which lists all sorts of obscure, little-known celebrations. But Umbrella Day? Now that's a holiday I can get excited about.

First of all, you can send Umbrella Day ecards to all of your friends. (see? It's for REAL!)

Today would also be the perfect day to watch Mary Poppins or Indiana Jones.

I know that I'm going to be pulling my umbrella out of my closet (the one I bought just a few months ago because it was going for a price I couldn't refuse and because I fell in love with the pure cheeriness of it!) and carrying it with me wherever I go.

If you don't have an umbrella then I think that today is the perfect day to buy one. I'm thinking that this one is at the top of my wish list because, unbeknownst to most people, I am secretly a ninja (Let's keep that just between you and me, shall we?) and I'm all about multi-tasking.

Imagine the look on the faces of your family if you were to serve drinks at dinner festooned with little paper umbrellas!

And it's always a good idea to take one of your kids (or any random child from your neighborhood would do) and have a photo shoot with an umbrella.

Is she really flying?

You decide.

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate (YOU WILL BE CELEBRATING) (that was me using The Force... did it work?) I hope that you have a wonderful Umbrella Day.

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