Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yoda One For Me

Yesterday I realized that today was the day for passing out valentines at school... and I had forgotten to buy any.

I rushed to the dollar store in hopes of finding a stray box of cool valentines somewhere but, as expected, all that remained was Power Rangers and Hannah Montana. (*sigh*)

I couldn't bring those home.

Instead I stopped by the craft store and purchased a pack of cardstock so that we could create our own valentines.

First I made All-a-Boy's. He likes Legos and Star Wars so here is what I came up with:

Next was Princess. She wanted Princesses for the girls and Star Wars for the boys. We found some generic printable valentines online to fit both of these criteria and printed them off for her.

Cowgirl came last. However, she insisted upon making her own valentines without any help from the computer... or from me. She disappeared into her room for awhile and then proudly brought out her creations for me to enjoy. It was hard to pick, but here are my favorites...

Pixie stix, pixie dust... pretty clever!

I told her she was not allowed to give this one to anyone until she's at least 25. It's in the back of her pajama drawer until then.

Again... this one was banned from her classroom. Besides, until this person learns to lay off of those tanning lotions, no proposals of marriage are gonna happen.

The high-maintenance stuff comes through at an early age.

This one is obviously for a boy.

Then, seeing how we've obviously got a Star Wars obsession going on at our house, here are the cards for the Jedi in her life...

SO clever!

Again, well thought out and very appropriate.

(translation: 'Leia' on me while we kiss!)
Um... WOW.

She was trying to think of something valentine-y that went with "Leia" and this is what she came up with. She was adequately embarrassed when I explained to her how it could be misconstrued, so she changed the words to: 'Princess Leia wants to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day.'

MUCH better.

I just hope that her classmates will appreciate them as much as I did.


Rubie said...

OMGoodness!!! I love Cowgirl's Valentines! Would she like to swap a Valentine with my little girl?

If so, e-mail me at:
diamondlady21 at gmail dot com

Gerb ur the best!


Larry said...

Those are awesome, you sure have bright kids!

Michelle said...

Very very cute--just made my day! I think Valentine's made by kids would be popular sellers. Oh, and you did pretty well yourself Gerb!

...still trying to get a hold of my contact for your fireside. Is her not returning my calls a bad sign?

Richard & Natalie said...

I saw All-a-Boy's this afternoon and thought it was very clever, but WOW! Cowgirl's...They are brilliant. The Princess Leia one had me dying!
I love that she did them herself. That should mean more than any old store bought one anyday!

Gina said...

I am not sure that I could give any of those away. I would keep them all and sneak in some dumb Hannah Montana ones.

Amy said...

I'm with Gina. Quick! You still have time to get those Hannah Banana dumb ones. Not even the best card makers would ever think of "Yoda one for me!" and the Leia one. She's genius! Happy Valentines day, because, Gerb, I Heart YOU!!!

Daren Black said...

Um... Wow is right... I think I just laughed harder than I have in a really long time. Princess is brilliant. She should sell those to hallmark. Seriously. Love you guys!!!

Teachinfourth said...

So, are you going to market these cards for people next year? Maybe an online mail order business?

Anaise said...

Super fun! I put out the craft box on Monday, and my kids have been ignoring my directions to make their own creations every day this week.

You are clever, and your children are obviously following in their mother's footsteps!

Rebecca said...

If I overlooked valentines for school until the last minute, I would pay big bucks for storebought, even dumb H.M., cards.

You guys are something extraordinary.

RYD said...

Seriously? Your kids rock! How clever are they? "Yoda one for me"? Brilliant! That made my day. And you are an awesome mom for going out and making a bunch of super cool Valentines for them. There is no way I would ever do that for mine. (I know, I'm saving for their therapy one day.)

seekingelevation said...

Just stumbled on your blog and have to say that I LOVE your Valentines!

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh I am cracking up over these. You have to give her points for creativity..... :)

Annette said...

Such creative kids! I wonder where they get it? ;)

Gerb said...

Rubie- She's quite clever, isn't she?

Larry- Thanks. She was going to make them for all of her aunts and uncles, too, but she was tired of it by the time she'd made them for her class. Maybe next year?

Michelle- If you can't contact her, no worries. I have a few other ideas up my sleeve. ;) But thanks for trying.

Natalie- I'll admit, because of my history with bullies I was a bit nervous that kids would make fun of her. But apparently they went over well and I'm just over-protective. Whew!

Gina- This is why I took pictures. Now I will have them forever without having to file them away.

Amy- The mind of a child is an amazing thing, isn't it? Also - I heart you right back.

Shannon (or was it really Daren?)- I was laughing so hard over the Princess Leia one that I could hardly breathe. The fact that she was innocent as to what it really meant made it even funnier. Kids are awesome. Love you all, too!!

T5th- We're working on opening up her Etsy store today. Or maybe tomorrow. Or maybe...

Anaise- What a compliment! Thanks. I can imagine your kids would come up with some amazing creations as well!

Bec- Well, when your kids actually like H.M., that's okay... ;)

And thanks, Bec. For everything. The 'mail', the compliments, etc. You rock.

RYD- Brilliant is right. My kids never cease to amaze me!

s.e.- Thanks! I think they're pretty awesome, too, but I'm sort of biased. I appreciate you stopping by. You're welcome back anytime!

Rachel- I know. The fact that she did NOT want computer-generated valentines made me wonder what she was cooking up but I was VERY happy with the results. So priceless!

Annette- No question - it's from their dad. ;)

Corine said...

*...Love these cards!!! Cowgirl's cards are brilliant! "Yoda one for me." :D It makes me want to get out the paper and crayons and make some of my own! ;0 Happy Valentines Day!

Kristin Garlick said...

Beyond hilarious!! Kids are great.

Sarah said...

I love love LOVE these!!!!

YODA one for me!

It took me a minute, but I got it. I totally did! Thanks for the pick-me-up, Gerb!!

(hee, hee - word verification was wytoot)

Lori said...

TOO FUNNY! "Leia on me while we kiss." Hoo.Boy. You're going to have your hands full with this one.

Mom not Mum said...

those are fantastic!!!

I had to veto a Valentine that my daughter wrote - she is 7. She said "this one is for Ty who still has a crush on me". So the valentine said "we are over, move on and get over me."

Gerb said...

Corine- So, did you? ;)

Kristin- Yeah, I could hardly stop laughing to tell someone about that Princess Leia one. How about you? Did you paint some rocks and give those out? Because I would have been FIRST IN LINE!

Sarah- Thanks. And your word verification gave me a little giggle, too.

Lori- You should have heard her trying to explain why it was perfectly fine to write that...

MnM- Whoa! That one's gonna keep you on your toes. Hilarious, though!