Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Silly Old Bear

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Yesterday my kids were watching a movie as I made lunch. This is typical. What is NOT typical, however, is that one of the songs in the movie made me cry.

Did I mention that it was a cartoon?

Did I mention that it was Winnie the Pooh?

I know. SO embarrassing.

As luck would have it, Hubba came into the kitchen just then to see if his sandwich was ready.

"Are you so sad, Mom?" he asked me, concerned.

"Oh, no. I am fine. There is just... something in my eye."

"What is the somefing in your eye?"

"Um.... my eyeball."

"And your eyeball is making you be sad?"

"Uh... yes."

"Okay," he said, proud to have discovered the cause of my tears. "Can I have my sam-wich?"

Want to know what was really causing the problem? Come see how I do my best to explain it at Four Perspectives.


Rachel said...

Have you ever read the entire "Winnie the Pooh" books? They are seriously hilarious. A.A. Milne fills those suckers full of adult humor that as children we never got.

Corine said...

LOL - There are so many cartoons that I LOVE, WHICH MAKE ME CRY!!!!! :) "Spring Time with Roo" (yes, another Pooh 'toon) used to make me cry... Agh! I haven't seen it for some time, wonder if it still would! LOL - See you over at 4-P. ;)

Andrea said...

Random read:
Aren't children amazing? As long as mommy is "okay" they are fine.

Khatol said...

omg, so cute! :-)

Teachinfourth said...

Winnie the WHAT? I am shocked that you'd let your kids watch such an abomination, Gerb...

Just SO said...

Was it Pooh's Grand Adventure?? Because if it was anyone who doesn't cry has a stone cold heart.

RYD said...

As someone who cries at McDonald's commercials, I feel your pain!

Just a thought: I think you should have told your child why you were crying, though. My mom never let me see her cry when I was a kid and if she had I would have grown up realizing she, too, was human. (I figured it out when I was an adult and she didn't mind letting me see her cry).

I could be wrong, though. My kids cry an awful lot, so maybe my sobbing at those shows just annoys them. :)

Gerb said...

Rachel- Can't say that I have. I may have to give them a read now!

Corine- I won't name all of the cartoons which make me cry... but whose idea was it to make "UP" such a sad, sad tale?

Andrea- I know, I love it. And thanks for stopping by as well as leaving a comment. You're welcome here anytime. =0)

Khatol- Thanks. And thanks for coming by! I love new 'faces'. ;)

T5th- That is actually what two of them call it: Winnie the Poop.


SO- That's the one. Darn that Pooh bear!

RYD- My husband is always telling me I should be more honest with the kids. It's a good point. Thanks, and thanks for not only reading but commenting as well. It makes my day to get comments at all, but especially from someone new.