Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Don't Forget Your Parasol

Everyone loves an umbrella.

Wasn't that sentence just filled with intrigue and mystery? Don't you want to read more?

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Rachel said...

Who knew? I had no idea there was an umbrella day. And I have a totally cool umbrella. I'm gonna use it today! Maybe.....if I actually go outside....and get dressed.....(not in that order......)

Sybrina said...

Twice because of your post, I almost bought an umbrella! Then, I talked myself out of it -cause I already have my fair share which no one uses!

I told my daughter today that today was Umbrella Day. She said, "Why? It's not raining!" True, true. Umbrellas are a bit more fun in the rain.

But, I did think your daughter looked practically perfect "falling with style" with that gorgeous rainbow umbrella! I say we start a new trend and use our umbrellas like in the old days- as parasols!

Gerb said...

Rachel- Just put on some fancy shoes and strut down the street with your umbrella in hand. In your pajamas.

Sybrina- I'm all for the carrying of umbrellas on a daily basis. Especially if I ever break down and buy that ninja one!

Sarah said...

We LOVE umbrellas here, though they never get wet...

BTW - your header picture?