Thursday, February 25, 2010

That's The Spirit!

My oldest boy, Coolister. Don't mess with him.

Sometime between the beginning of the school year and the beginning of this week my oldest boy decided to run for an office in student government next year.

He is running for Spirit Chairman and, to be honest, I think he is perfect for it. No one has more school spirit than Coolister. In fact, because his high school did not have enough Spirit Days to appease him, he has created his own and convinced his friends to do them as well. They have:

Mohawk Monday. (Get out the hair gel!)

Todd Smith Tuesday. (This is one of their favorite teachers so they dress like Mr. Smith. Apparently this was started last year by a group of graduating seniors.)

Weird Shoe Wednesday. (They wear mismatched shoes.)

Trek Thursday. (Use your backpacking pack instead of your regular school bag.)

Tie Day Friday, or TieFri. (They wear neckties over their regular school attire.)

See what I'm saying? Who creates their own Spirit Days at school? Coolister does, that's who.

He came home on Monday, told Allen and I what his ideas were for creating campaign posters and the three of us got to work armed with a camera, photoshop, posterboard and markers.

We had more fun than should probably be allowed.

I love the way his mind works. Do you see why I love this kid?!


Shannon said...


cari said...

He puts the cool in Coolister! I love your kids!

Rebecca said...

I can't believe your husband let his body be dislayed all over his son's school like that! I thought he was so shy. Anything for a good cause, right Big A? ;)

Rebecca said...

Two things: I meant to type "displayed", not dislayed.
And Two: I found a grammatical error in this post, Gerb!

Rachel said...

I am laughing at Rebecca's comment! Perfect. How does one comment after that?

Gerb said...

Shannon- He really is.

Cari- He does. And me, too!

Bec- You know how Allen's a sucker for the kids. I couldn't believe he put on the spandex, too...

And okay, you've got me. I read it over like 10 times and could not find any grammatical error. Are you messin' with me?

Rachel- You mean you thought she was joking? ;)

Richard & Natalie said...

Good Luck Coolister! If he's half as awesome as those posters, he'll win- hands down!

PS- Can I hire him for a personal trainer? ;)

Anaise said...

I love that you're in a place where he can show himself reading the scriptures and claim the pun on "spirit-ual."

I hope he wins!

Gerb said...

Natalie- He did win! I am so proud.

Anaise- I was a little worried about his using that idea at first. But I ultimately decided that it was his campaign so I'd let him do what he wanted. I'm glad I did.

Richard & Natalie said...

Hooray for Coolister!!!!
What great & fun way to get involved.