Thursday, June 11, 2009

4th Year Hikers

Have I mentioned yet that I get to go to Young Women's Camp again this year?! June 23rd, baby!!

Do you know how SUPER-DE-DOOPER excited I am about this?! (The answer is: TOTALLY & COMPLETELY!)

If I've said it once, I'll say it a half a million more times, I LOVELOVELOVE CAMP!! There is no other place that helped shape my belief in and love for God than the mountains I went to every year as a young woman camper. Plus, where else can you be with hundreds of girls who have to live without a daily shower and blow dryer?? NOWHERE! It's AWESOME!

Sorry. I'll stop yelling now. I am just really, really happy I get to be a camper leader lady again this year. It's the BEST! (couldn't help that last shout-out.)

So... the real reason for this post. Every year the girls who are on their 4th year of being campers get to go on their own hike as a group. (click on those links for some hike fun from 2 years ago.) And, BONUS for me, I was invited to come along.

We hiked to Stewart Falls... which I would recommend to everyone.

Beautiful, green foliage and wildflowers blanketed the trail. It was breathtakingly beautiful.
Lucky for me, my hottie husband was able to join us. (I know! It just keeps getting better!)
We all made it to the falls and congregated there for a bit, enjoying granola bars and Red Vines and the sound of the waterfall cascading down behind us.
As we hiked back out through the aspens and ferns, I could not help but think once again of how remarkably gorgeous this earth is.
I can't wait to spend some more time with nature (and these young women!) up at camp.

In LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!! I can hardly wait.


Sybrina said...

Stewart Falls is one thing on our list to do VERY soon! And, I know what you mean about girls camp. It was the same way for me!

Cami said...

One word.


Anaise said...

Not once did I go to girls' camp. I worked every summer from the time I was 11, and I never felt I missed a thing. Lately, many of my peers have raved about the wonders and joys of girls' camp when they were young and how much they looooooove the chance to go again as adults.

I wonder . . . would I have loved it too?

I imagine I'd have some awfully good memories of you if I had. :)

Nance said...

Alright Gerb- I ran across your blog as I was blog hopping and I am so happy I found it! You are incredibly witty and fun- I used to VT your Mom, and knew your Dad (My family went to the UV Deaf Ward for 11 yrs). I know Chip and Deanna- and you & I interpreted once together, I am not sure where though... it was kinda dark if I remember right, ha...

Anyway- I was showing Jim your blog, the funny Athletic Cup post with my son, the artist looking over our shoulders- Long story short- I posted about you on my blog... just wanted you to know.

SO long- sorry!!

Nance said...

Oh & PS You are so lucky to go to girls camp!! I grew up in So. Cal. and we always went to the LDS camp up in Big Bear- I really loved it- and had great there!!

Katie said...

You know what's funny? Out here in California, the YW's camp is not really camping. They have a pool, and a chef!!! How ridiculous is that? AND they still complain about having to wear a one piece to the pool!! I miss girls camp in my home ward!!!!

NoSurfGirl said...


I also loved camp. I'm sad I don't get to go this year... hopefully next year.

We had the High Adventure Hike in my stake growing up. A whole week-long hike, all the stuff on your back, 45-50 miles... I did it 5 times. I wish I could go back and do it again.