Monday, June 18, 2007

Fourth Year Campers Take a Hike: Part 1

I was lucky enough this year to get the assignment of planning a hike for the girls who are in their fourth year of attending our stake Young Women's Camp. I love hiking, and seriously, people, we live in UTAH! My options were endless. I am also lucky enough to have some amazing adult leaders to help me out. We went to Santaquin Canyon, 13 young women and 5 leaders. And do you want to know what the really cool thing about this hike was? (Besides the fact that 13 was NOT an unlucky number?)
We crossed a stream 22 times each way!

Here we are at the first crossing. At this point, some girls are trying to stay dry and some girls are just enjoying the water! (It was cold, in case you were wondering.)
Here we are, most of the group, stopping mid-hike for a photo opportunity. Could you have resisted taking more photos than were necessary? Me either.
I must acknowledge our fearless leader, Rob, who did not get his shoes wet even once. Some people are born to maneuver over streams, and some are not. Rob is like a mountain goat. He has been known to defy gravity at times.
I was so sad for the girls who didn't join us on this hike! We walked next to or through this stream the whole way, friends. It doesn't get any better than that.
Crossing the stream became the highlights of the hike. No, I did not mistype. I said highlights because, did I mention, we crossed the stream a total of 44 times?!

Stay tuned for more pictures and details. The story gets pretty exciting, ladies and gentlemen! There are water fights. There is an unfortunate casualty. You won't want to miss it!!

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