Monday, July 23, 2007

Ode to Camp

Girl's Camp, how I love thee! Let me count the ways...

1. How often does a person such as I get to spend time being silly with her daughter and daughter's friends for 5 days? Not often enough.
2. The opportunity to hang out with the most amazing group of YCLs (Youth Camp Leaders) and ACLs (Adult Camp Leaders) was simply awesome. I love you, Big Booty No. 5!
3. The new friendships that were developed over the week at camp are ones I will always treasure. 4. Mother Nature and I got to be pretty good friends. She shared a few thunderstorms with me...
5. ...and sent some forest creatures to pose for pictures. (and one to pretend it was a YCL and emerge from the forest within hand's reach on Brownie Hike night - in the middle of a wicked shake-the-ground, light-up-the-sky kind of storm.)
6. The chance to hike on 4 different occasions, and see some amazing sights! Not to mention good friends to enjoy it all with. (Cami, you need to wear "The Deb" more often. **Pound-fist-on-shoulder, flash ILY sign** )
7. Who doesn't love the re-creation of camping accidents with mud and ketchup?
8. The water fight I instigated at the lake was a soaking good time for all, even if some wouldn't admit it right off.
9. I decided that I could trust our ward's YW enough to do the "trust fall". And guess what? They caught me! I love C's face here...apparently I wasn't the only one screaming as I fell. 10. I love nature, and its beauty surrounded me throughout my 5 days of camp.
The last time I was able to attend Young Women's Camp was 7 years ago. I am hoping we will not remain strangers for so long this time around. Happy Trails, until next time!

Check out Cami's and Courtney's websites for more Girl's Camp fun!


Cami said...

Great blog. Love the pictures. Thanks for hanging out with me. You're awesome.

Pounding chest right back and flashing ILY sign.

Cami said...

Sweet. Thanks for the News Flash, too! WORD!

Rebecca said...

I think I know why you love girls camp. You must have had YCLs and ACLs like yourself, who made it a blast when you were a scrawny little young woman. And it makes me smile to think of the future ACLs you have just influenced for good during the past week at Camp. Bravo, Gerb. (P.S. Check your link to Courtney--it's incomplete.)

Amber said...

Hehe, I love the pictures. Thanks for making camp so fun! Love you!

Michelle said...

Hey!!! You made camp so much fun!!! Thanks for laughing and singing with me!!! You are the BEST!!!