Thursday, February 5, 2009

Show Me What You've Got

We figured out last night that this month will bring the first opportunity for ElemenoB to attend a church dance since she has become that magical age of 14.

I decided some advice was in order. The other kids all agreed.

We plugged her iPod in and taught her some classic dance moves.
My old standby was always the step-touch-repeat. If you want to get a little crazy, you can throw in a finger snap every once in awhile.

There's also the jump-dance. All you do is jump and move your arms and hands in whatever fashion you please. Coolister says this is the more common way for teenagers to dance these days. (No more step-touch-repeat? I don't believe it.)
Apparently Michael Jackson's "Thriller" is still played at every youth dance so Coolister gave some instruction on the proper moves.
My favorite dance, though? The Freak. It's where you purposely dance like a dork so no one will think you're too serious to have fun.
See, doesn't Cowgirl look like she's having fun?

ElemenoB just stared at me with a half-smile. I know she was worried she couldn't pull off the same amazing moves as me.

I told her not to worry, I'd be sure to help her and her friends tear up the dance floor the next time I come chaperon.

Thumbelina allowed me to demonstrate.
ElemenoB gave me another half-smile in response. I think that means she's excited about it.


Lena the Teacher said...

I love it! Church dances were so fun when I was 14! I love dance parties in the living room!!

Amber said...

Sounds like lots of fun. I should tell you my stake dance story some day. Or maybe I'll blog it. Either way, Thriller is totally the way to go these days :)

Chelle! said...

Hey, are you going to the Stake Valentines dance. You might want to share your techniques with everyone there.

Teachinfourth said...

Step-touch! Ugh...I'm guilty of that 'wooden' dance step.

Glad you were all able to show her how to 'bust a move.'

Rebecca said...

Doug calls it the "Deacon 2-Step". He's good at it, too. I didn't care about anything but the slow songs when I was 14. (I know, shocking, right?) ;)

laura said...


I can't believe how grown up "Coolister" is!

annette said...

I've impressed BaNaNa and friends with a few moves of my own. How does one get to chaperon said activities? I'm sure our girls would love for us to show them how it's done!