Thursday, February 12, 2009

Smokin' Deals!

I am the queen.

The queen of bargain shopping. Pinching pennies. Purchasing items at hot, smoking steals of deals... whether I need them or not.

Take yesterday for instance.

I had an hour to kill between a doctor's appointment and the time for Princess' kindergarten to start so I decided to pick up a few things at the grocery store.

After finding the items I needed, I went in search of the things I could not live without - simply because their price would be too good to pass up.

My first find was the Little Smokies. Did I need them? Of course not. Does anyone ever really need Little Smokies? But when they are marked at 2/$3.00 and have a coupon for '$1 off the purchase of 2' attached... and I find I have 2 other coupons for 40 cents off each package... 60 cents each? Get in the cart.

The next steal I found was fruit snacks. A whole wall of them! I held back and only purchased 6 boxes at 50 cents apiece since they expire at the end of the month. But who can resist putting Barbie fruit snacks in their 15-year-old son's lunchbag? (Not me.)

My most amazing deal of the day was the Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls (with cream cheese frosting!). As a do-it-from-scratcher I tend to avoid these. But I couldn't say no to NINETEEN CENTS per tube! They expire on Saturday, but we could TOTALLY eat these by then! I bought the remaining 6 packages.

As I headed to the front of the store to pay (next to nothing!) for my cart full of groceries (that I didn't need) I was elated as I calculated my savings in my mind.

I happened to be in the drink aisle and spotted my guilty pleasure... at $1.29 a bottle.

Not such a bargain.

But with all the cash I'd saved (on things I didn't need) I decided a celebration was in order.

Here's to bargain shopping!


pam said...

Hooray! Hope Coolister likes his fruit snacks. heeheehee

If only the stores here would double coupons...

Cami said...

I love what you plan to do with those fruit snacks! Will Coolister be mortified? Tee hee!

I love your bargin shopping ways, and what a great way to celebrate getting a great deal on groceries you don't really need!

Gina said...

I may need to take some of those Barbies off of your hands. It's the least I could do for you.

Damon said...

So that's why there were no more Cream Cheese Cinnamon rolls left today! I was like, "Are the cream cheese ones that much better?" Apparently! Score $$$

I also enjoyed the deals I found. Have you noticed the grated and block 32 oz cheese at Smith's yet? Limit 3 , but DEAL! Well- about as cheap as cheese gets! Yeah, my freezer is stocked and my fridge as well! Smith's actually had a host of deals that fit my budget, and had I been on the ball couponing, I bet I could have done even better. Time to get couponing again- got out of the habit when we switched printers.

For help with couponing check out this site- and use this code g84cef. This site tells you where to get printable coupons, which coupons from the Sunday paper to use with which sales. Apparently if you take in triple Sunday papers, you really maximize the savings. I don't get the Sunday paper, but the online ones (you can print twice) along with the mail ones work for me. Note- Macey's doesn't accept printable coupons.

Damon said...

That was Sybrina, again. I am almost always logged into Damon's acct for some reason!

NoSurfGirl said...

You and I share a favorite drink :)

(Sarah from the ward)

Teachinfourth said...

Looks like I've been shopping in all the wrong places!

I remember thinking we'd celebrate Christmas a few days late and not tell any future kids...that way, everything would be ultra-cheap. How would little kids really know when Santa is supposed to be coming, anyhow?

Amanda said...

My mom got a ton of those fruit snacks too!

Amber said...

Yay for Barbie fruit snacks. We got a whole bunch of those too. Too bad Josh doesn't take home lunch...

Mom not Mum said...

Great deals - I have no clue how to shop like that. Or I'm just too lazy.

annette said...

Little Smokies are the best! How did you get to use 2 coupons for the same product?

Gerb said...

Pam- Believe it or not, none of this was purchased with double coupons. The prices I paid (minus the Little Smokies) were the price they were being sold for... because of the expiration date being soon, usually.

Cami- Apparently Barbie is the cool thing for teenage boys these days. He says he showed them to all his friends and everyone was extremely jealous.

Gina- I was hoping you'd say that.

Sybrina- Thanks for the tips. I use coupons that I get in the mail but haven't learned much about the fine art of couponing yet.

Sarah- Sweet! Are you going to YW camp this year? Because I may need someone to celebrate with up there...

Tchn5th- These sweet deals were all at Macey's, believe it or not. You just have to be in the right place at the right time - and plan to eat the items before they expire.

The Christmas idea is genius! I read about someone who celebrated the REAL Christmas on Christmas... and then "New Year's Nancy" came and brought them all gifts on New Year's Eve. Some changes may be in order.... Hmmm....

Amanda & Amber - Why does that not surprise me? =0) I bet Josh eats those things when no one's looking.

MOM not mum- I just always look. That's all there is to it!

Annette- If there is a coupon ON the package they will let you use it along with another coupon. (At least they do at Macey's.)