Monday, February 2, 2009

Why I Love Kids

Sunday is not always my favorite day of the week. I go to church every Sunday without fail because it is where I need to be and where my family needs to be and I want my kids to know that. I do not ever regret being there, but it is still not easy.

For one, I have to get 9 kids out of bed, fed, dressed, and looking nice before 9:00 a.m. This includes finding the (often secret) location of 9 pairs of Sunday shoes. (Oh, the drama of the Sunday shoes!) And discovering, 15 minutes before church, that Coolister's white shirt has not been washed since last Sunday. And it has a large spot on it. Then when we get to church and are seated on OUR bench (5th row up, thank you) someone is already making someone else cry or remembering that they forgot their scriptures or needing a drink...


Yesterday was the usual.

I dragged Curly to nursery and left her there, crying, because I already had Baby O in tow for Hubba's primary class and could not wrestle with them both. I sat in our assigned row in the primary room, checking to see if all of my class members had arrived, and noticed Hubba was ramming the chair on the end of our row into the chair in front of him.

I removed the chair.

SuperC, one of my little students, tapped me on the leg.

SC: "Sisto Bwack?"

Me: "Yes, SuperC?"

SC: "That chay-o needs to stay wight they-o."

Me: "Well, Hubba is playing with it. Would it be alright if I left it on the stack over there?"

SC: (exasperated) "I guess."

In the meantime, someone is asking the kids if they have done anything fun in the last week. Hubba's hand is up, but he is not getting called on, so he yells out, "I GOT TO TAKED MEDICINE BECAUSE MY TEEF ARE ROTTEN!"

I smile nervously, shrink down in my chair a bit, and think about how excited I am for that little tidbit of information to make its rounds.

Oh, the joys of Sunday I think to myself.

And then the primary music leader asks all of the teachers to come up and sing a song to introduce it to the kids. It is from the hymnbook, "How Firm a Foundation".

I take my place up front and sing along with the others, watching my class and starting to feel a little warmth gather around my heart when I notice they are all watching me intently and smiling.

When we finish singing, SuperC raises his hand.

He starts to wave it a little, but he is not being called on.

Finally he stands up, walks to the front of the room and loudly proclaims, "Sisto Bwack, you singed SO nice! You sangd the most beautifulest of all the teach-os! Gwate job, Sisto Bwack!"

"Thank you, SuperC," I responded, feeling that warmth spread from my heart to the top of my head and the tips of my fingers and toes.

A new thought took hold in my mind: Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Sundays are my favorite day of the week.

And you know what? Even with a head-getting-stuck-in-the-chair incident during class (oh, how I wished I had my camera!) it turned out to be a pretty great day.

It's amazing how far a compliment can carry someone, isn't it?


Cami said...

I have to agree that Sundays are the worst and best days of the week.

Our new ward meets at 1:00 (the worst time's naptime). The girls are always tired and cranky. I was voicing my frustrations to my mom, asking her why I even go when I don't get a thing out of Sacrament Meeting.

She told me, "You aren't going to church for you. You go to church to teach your kids that you go to church."

I hadn't even considered that, but it makes perfect sense.

Happy Hubby, JJ, Bugs, Nenie and Sadie Jo said...

thanks for this post. I have a hard time on Sundays too, and I only get two kids ready. For some reason it is so much harder to get them ready and out the door for church than it is to go anywhere else. Maybe because it is the only time I go someplace that really is important.

Sister Pottymouth said...

You make me smile. And one sincere compliment can make your whole day.

Gina said...

If I were you, Sundays would be my favorite day, because for a couple of hours someone else is in charge of all of your children. (SMILE) At least that is why I love it!

Shellie said...

Yup! Sounds a lot like my church days. That's why we need the Sunday afternoon nap!

Trish said...

I laughed right out work...not quietly!!
Thanks for making me smile Gerb! :)

E.R.R said...

Super Mom! :) WOW! It made me nostalgic to those days where my Mom did the same with me and my siblings... it feels good for us to see our Mom takes care of us.. Keep it up great mom:)

annette said...

Yes, they aren't always fun, but the tiny conversations in primary are priceless. (Lucky you!)