Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fun First Aid 101

This is me.

I am not a nurse, but I pretended I was smart like one at our regional young women's camp meeting last Saturday.

I got to teach a class on how to make teaching first aid FUN!

I was going to tell you all about it, but you hear from me all the time.


So, guess what? I am feeling kind of famous because my friend Michelle did a whole post about me and she makes me sound pretty amazing.

I was going to post a link to her post, except that her blog is private.

So I just stole her post and here it is.

Oh, yeah... is this O.K. Michelle? (She'll say yes. I'm just going to post it.)

what's a Gerb?
(Gerb trying to take a picture of the sky--in the middle of a lightening storm
& in the middle of a field)

I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite people. Her name is Gerb!! You might ask, "What is a Gerb?" If I had to answer it, I would respond that "a Gerb" is a person who is excited about life--no matter what is going on in the world, she is looking for the excitement that brings smiles to every one's faces!!

Today, we had a our Regional Mia Shalom Meetings for young women's camp. Gerb was asked to teach first aid. Side note...Gerb is not a nurse--BUT, she was able to entertain a group of young women leaders and teach them how to teach first aid. She was hysterical when it came to the bruised, stabbed, scraped, cut fruit that she had prepared.
(my little fruit friends)
Then, when it was time to create a compound fracture--that poor chocolate orange is...well, let's just say...it is no more. One lady asked Gerb if she liked horror films. Another asked if she was for hire. She told them that she would work for donuts. Gerb, you are one crazy friend and I am glad that you are my friend.

Sometimes, I think that when we teach youth about first aid, we are so serious. But, Gerb brought her personality with her and helped relate everyone to a fun way of learning!!! Thanks Gerb for taking on this assignment. You were simply fabulous!!! Great Job!!

(See? I sound all fun and amazing. Thanks, Michelle! I'll get you that $20 bucks later.)


Martha said...


Mom not Mum said...

That is fantastic! I am so going to steal this idea from you some day!

Happy Hubby, JJ, Bugs, Nenie and Sadie Jo said...

I will be sure to try this teaching technique next time I teach red cross first aid and CPR. Very inventive, I am impressed!!!!


Teachinfourth said...

Nice tribute...glad you posted it here so 'the world' can read of your zaniness.

Chelle! said...

You are one of the most amazing people I know!! I can not wait to spend YW camp with you this year. I know that it will be completely hysterical!!!

Michelle said...

Of course you're fun and awesome. That's why I keep coming back to read more and more.
Fun ideas on the first aid. You truly are my girls camp hero!

Holmes said...

When do you go to girls camp? We go the last week of July. If we're there at the same time, I'm sneaking across the lake to say hi! And to bring you a donut!

Gerb said...

Holmes- Last week of June. Dang! I was already looking forward to that donut...

Sybrina said...

I am bummed I didn't get to see you do that demo! Seriously bummed. From reading that- Hysterical is exactly the word I wanted to use, except the person above me used it first! I am so glad I met you that one night. Oh, and, thanks for the tips on schools the other day! I got my papers sent in--and we'll see how it plays out. ;)

Unknown said...

Gerb, how do I find you. I am teaching first aid at the Camp MIA Shalom training day for leaders on 1/30/2016. I need to talk to you because the last 2 years of teaching in my stake have been a flop. I live in north Orem. Please call me or email me at debbiedn@gmail.com and I'll give you a month of donuts if you teach me how to make this FUN!

Anonymous said...

any way to know what what the wounds depicted on the fruit and veggies are so I can make this? My email is big4earl@yahoo.com Such a creative way to teach this stuff!