Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Never Know What I'm Gonna Get

Today was a bright, sunshiney day.

The moment I stepped outside I felt invigorated and happy. I wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather rather than spend the day in the house so I decided on the spur of the moment to take Hubba, Curly and Baby O to our favorite semi-secluded park after dropping Princess off at kindergarten.

When we arrived the kids immediately raced to the playground.
They climbed, ran and threw wood chips to their hearts content until Hubba looked at me suddenly, wide-eyed, and exclaimed:

"Mom, I gotta go to the baf-room!"

We hurried to the other end of the park and saw the sign on the bathroom doors:


I told them it was time to head home but Hubba assured me he could hold it, so the playing continued.

As Hubba and Curly explored the slides I took Baby O over to a tree that cast its perfect likeness against the mural behind it.
I heard someone honk their horn and instinctively turned - Hubba and Curly were both in plain sight.
Nothing to worry about. I finished snapping a couple more pictures and walked over to the playground.

"It's time to go," I announced. "We need to get you to a bathroom, Hubba."

"No we don't!" he answered happily. "I already went!"

"What?!" I said, looking instantly for the usual wet spot.

"Yeah, over thay-er!" Hubba said, pointing at the fence.
The chain-link fence.

By the street.

At that point, what could I do? We played a while longer then headed for home.

Apparently I'm not the only one who can be spontaneous.


Sarah said...

Maybe THAT'S why the car was honking! Hee hee hee.
The most trouble our boy has been in while going to school was the time he peed on the playground. Hey! After lunch, who doesn't hafta go?

Gina said...

HA ha. Perfect day for that too! hee hee

Today, Birdie was playing outside for about an hour when I told her she best come in for a potty break and then back out to play. She says, "Nah. I will just go out here." I tried to explain why that would not be a good idea. She continued with a list of her boy cousins that she has seen do this and still thinks, "I will be just fine out here, Mom." I did get her to finally come in for the potty break. Geesh! Being a girl.

P.S. She is still on cloud 9 over the Barbie fruit snacks. She is getting a little worried because we only have (after her sharing with brother and cousin) 4 left.Thank you!

Farscaper said...

LOL!!! Love it!

Martha said...

I love that picture of Hubba pointing! What priceless expression on his face. Perfect!

Rebecca said...

There have been many occasions when I wished there was such a simple solution for my girls!

Happy Hubby, JJ, Bugs, Nenie and Sadie Jo said...

I laughed so hard I cackled! The photo of him pointing is pricesless.

Wasn't it him that described the warmth of the spirit as "peed your pa-ants?"

Cami said...

Thank goodness he didn't get that "warm tingly feeling!"


Sister Pottymouth said...

That's the kind of story you tell on the day he gets married.

cari said...

What a boy thing to do! Very funny!

Mom of Three said...

That's awesome!! I love it!!

annette said...

This is the same Hubba who, when I asked, during pack mtg. dinner, where he was going, he replied, "I'm duss wunning awound". And the same who, during the closing flag ceremony, opens the stage accordian curtians and when everyone starts to laugh, stands there grinning.

Chelle! said...

That story was simply fabulous!!! Thanks, it made me laugh!!