Monday, February 23, 2009

Eight Years

Cowgirl turned 8 years old today.

I can not believe my sweet, crazy Cowgirl is growing up so fast.

I can still remember the day she was born. Allen and I had not officially decided on her name yet and the doctor asked, "What are you going to call her?" I told him we had not agreed on her name yet but that I really liked the name (insert her real name here). Allen immediately said, "I guess her name will be (real name) then." That was the day I discovered that I can get pretty much whatever I want right after having a baby. It was a beautiful thing. Almost as beautiful as she is.

Cowgirl probably does not know that she was a gift to me, an aid in my healing from the heartache of losing my father to cancer just a month before her birth. I could not remain sad with such a bright-eyed little angel in my home.

For those of you who don't know Cowgirl, here is a story which illustrates her personality pretty well...

Last night our family was reading scriptures together. We always take turns reading a few verses each. When it was Cowgirl's turn she read, "...that awful monster the devil, and death, and... (a slight pause here, then) ...BEEEEEEP!" And then she clarified: "I didn't want to say that bad word."

We all chuckled. Apparently the word H-E-double-hockeysticks is inappropriate whether it is in the scriptures or not.

As we continued our reading, everyone substituted the word BEEEEEP wherever they felt it was needed. She may have started a new family tradition.

Happy birthday, Cowgirl! Our life would not be complete without you.

(Pictures are by the talented Jason of Backroads Photography)


Cami said...

Hope your lil' cowgirl has a downright rootin' tootin,' hootin' and hollerin' day!

Mom not Mum said...

Happy Birthday to Cowgirl! My girl turned 7 yesterday. They just grow up so fast - or get older!

Rebecca said...

I remember that day, as well. I remember that in the middle of the night, while you were in labor, I watched as you made sack lunches for your kids to take to school.


Amy Arnold said...

Are you kidding? She is EIGHT!?! Wow that makes ME feel old! Remember that pillow I made her? I am pretty sure I would think it really not cute these days, but it was fun to make!

Teachinfourth said...

She was more than happy to share in the 'birthday goodness' today. She and All-a-Boy made the journey to my classroom all in order to present me with one of the coveted birthday treats.

I don't know as if I'll eat it or not...but the sentiment was much appreciated.

Farscaper said...

Such a beautiful little girl.

I use to do that too with words in the scriptures that I KNEW were bad words.

Don't get me started on when they start talking about an (the other word for a donkey).

I couldn't believe that all those "naughty" words were written in a book that we're supposed to read in church. LOL

annette said...

It took me til I was married to finally say that word in the hymn that goes "..of death and of ----"!

I adore that little cowgirl and her sweet thoughtfulness. 8? Wow! I guess that means you have a baptism coming up soon!!

Chelle! said...

Oh, those pictures are simply beautiful!!! You have such a darling little girl!! Happy Birthday Cowgirl!!!

Darla Davies said...

Dean always tells people that during labor when my fingernails were penetrating the skin on his arm during a contraction, that I could get pretty much whatever I wanted. Too bad that I didn't realize then that I had more bargaining power than just the choice of the name for our baby!