Friday, February 27, 2009

Like The Song Says...

There is sunshine in my soul today!

Do you know why? Because every moment of every day in my life is a choice.

I choose how I react to every single thing that life throws at me. I can choose to make the best or worst of any situation. No one else chooses for me. I choose. It's all up to me.

It's kind of like having a choice to be one of the Seven Dwarfs each time a new situation presents itself. I can be Grumpy. I can be Dopey, Sleepy, Bashful, Doc, or Sneezy... (OK, maybe this isn't working out like I was thinking originally.) Well, anyway - the point is: I choose to be Happy!

When the sun is shining, I choose to soak in its warmth.

When the storm clouds gather, I choose to marvel in their swirling, ominous beauty.

And when the rain falls, I choose to dance.

I choose.

And for all of you? I hope you choose sunshine.


Martha said...

Makes me think of this quote; "I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself. For I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition."
-Martha Washington

Rebecca said...

Where did you find that cool graphic? I like.

cari said...

Loved this!

Sybrina said...

Awesome! Reminds me of my favorite YW lesson from back as a youth, "Fun is an Attitude!"

Gina said...

Thanks Miss Sunshine! Short, sweet, uplifting and sunshiney.

Teachinfourth said...

"marvel in their swirling, ominous beauty..."

Very poetic.

Keep making the decisions, Gerb, and thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

Gerb, I love your attitude!

Amanda said...

That's what I felt like yesterday too! Cool picture.

annette said...

Most things in life we have to deal with, so might as well find the joy/humor/silver lining in it. Your gift is being able not only to find the sunshine, but to bask in it.

Chelle! said...

I love the thought of choosing to be one of the Seven Dwarfs. The more I think about it, the more it becomes hysterical. I can just see it now.

"How are you today?"
"I am Dopey"
" the Seven Dwarfs"

Strange looks...very strange looks!!

Gerb said...

Martha - Perfect quote, thank you. That is exactly what I was going for.

Bec - Just type 'sunshine' in Google images and voila!

Cari - Thanks.

Sybrina- Fun IS an attitude. Maybe I'll use that at YW camp this year...

Gina- You're welcome, Miss SUPERmom.

Tchn5th- Thanks. And you're welcome.

Michelle- You share it with me. Thanks.

Amanda - Happiness is a grand thing, isn't it?

Annette - Life could be a lot more gray if we let it be, couldn't it? Always better to go the sunny route.

Chelle- We now have a new answer to "How are you?" !! I can't wait for someone to ask so I can respond: "Sneezy. And you?"