Saturday, November 1, 2008

Be A Pal...

UPDATE: This lasts until November 15th - get over there and check it out! You are going to want family pictures to send out with your Christmas cards, prints to display in your home and Alphabetography creations to give as gifts this year. So go get it done, already!

I have a friend who is an amazing photographer.

In fact, he took our family pictures this year. (See? Amazing.)

He also takes some awesome pictures that you will want to frame and put up in your house.

In fact, I want to put one up in my house. And you want to help me.

(I'm using the force, is it working?)

Here's what we have to do. First, go check out his website by clicking HERE. Then go leave a comment on his blog telling him what you think and what pictures you like best by clicking HERE.

And here's the IMPORTANT part! When you leave your comment, be sure to say "Gerb sent me".

If you are really my friend, you will do this. (No pressure or anything.)

And if you decide to get all your friends to do it, too, and you're the winner, I get to come eat cookies at your house and see where you put your picture.


(You: Deal.)

Ready, set, GO!


Gina said...

Did it! Looks like you have a good chance.

Shellie said...

I've already thought of that. Is it expensive?