Friday, November 7, 2008

Bragging Rights

My kids are pretty dang awesome, to put it lightly. So, although this blog is generally not a place where I gush over my kids' accomplishments (and awesomeness), that's what it's going to be today. Consider it a Christmas letter if you want - I mean, they ARE playing CHRISTMAS MUSIC ON THE RADIO ALREADY!! And it did snow here this week. (But you'll still get a Christmas letter in December. You know you want it.)

Wait... why am I making excuses? It's my blog, after all. You don't have to read it.

And so, (drum roll, please) I present for your reading pleasure: My Amazing Offspring!

First we have Coolister.
Can I just come right out and say that I LOVE when my kids share the same interests that I had at their age? He ran his first season of Cross Country and loved it as much as I did. His fastest time was 16:58. Not only was he Rookie of the Year, he also lettered and got an Academic Achievement award. On top of this, he gets the grades I only dreamed of at his age. And (here's my favorite part) when he gets home from school the first thing he (almost - there is food, too...) always does is to find his baby brother or sister and give them hugs. OK, I'll stop.

Next we have ElemenoB.
She graduated from braces and got contacts. (And I bought a bat.) This young woman has taken up a liking for drama and just auditioned for the school musical. She seems to have natural ability in everything she does. She is a huge help with the kids and around the house and a loyal friend to her siblings. She has a talent for writing and a new interest in photography which is pretty impressive. You will never see her sitting around without a book in her hands. ElemenoB also shares my love for finding a great deal, and I won't lie - I LOVE it.

And now, Thumbelina! This girl also shares my love for drama and is hoping for a part in the school musical. However, they came up with a new rule that 7th graders cannot play main roles. Don't get me started on that. Just let me say this: their loss. She is also very patient and loving towards her younger siblings. I was initially worried about her transition to middle school but it turns out she has just enough sass and spunk to OWN that place. Like her older sister, she has a knack for writing and drawing. Thumbelina is my best helper when it comes to cleaning. If I want a thorough job, she's the one I ask.

Next in line, All-a-Boy!
This kid has been an amazing reader from kindergarten, but it still amazes me when he brings home books as thick as his arm and finishes them in just a few days. He's been reading the "Fablehaven" series and also just finished the book "Brisinger". He's 9. Is this normal? All-a-Boy is always sharing some deep insight with us or asking questions we don't know the answers to. This kid has an old soul, but he still thrives on playing with friends and building Lego creations.

Next we have Cowgirl.
This sweet kid is still in love with anything having to do with cowboys, Texas and horses. Her creative abilities are always amazing me - from her homemade 'computers' to her written stories and colorful drawings. If we gave her a ream of paper and a box of markers and locked her in a room, I don't think she'd re-surface until the markers had gone dry or the paper ran out. Cowgirl has a tender heart and likes to make sure no one is ever left out of anything. She loves caring for and singing to her baby brother.

Look out for the Princess!
I mean, look at that face - do I need to say more? (I will anyway...) This girl is the queen of randomness which is a great source of laughter for the family. She is also not shy about voicing her thoughts. In fact, just this week when I asked her if she could please get me a diaper, she responded, "Um, Mom? When you ask me to do things like that it kind of makes me feel like I'm your slave. So don't ask me anymore, OK? OK." She mixes up 'ask' and 'tell' which makes for some interesting conversations as well.

Next I present... Hubba! This train lover has branched out some and also loves the main characters from Toy Story. He is all boy, through and through. Hubba has recently taken to walking up and hugging me around the neck from behind and saying, "I love you, Mom." I love his sweet hugs. He is as addicted to milk as ever and likes to have 'BIG drinks', not little ones. One little quirk he has that makes us smile every time is the way he points with one eye squeezed shut. I'll have to post a picture of that sometime.

Next is Curly.Curly gets cuter every day. When the above picture was taken, I told her to smile, so she signed it. She has learned a lot of sign language and uses it to help us understand what she wants - which is usually 'milk' or some kind of food. She has recently started talking quite a bit and will repeat everything I say to her throughout the day. She is all girl but is happy to play with whatever Hubba is playing with - especially if he doesn't want her to. She is always asking to hold Baby O - who she refers to as "my baby boy".

And last but not least - Baby O.
Look at those eyes. Look at those cheeks. Look at the little button nose. Check out the cute teeny chin poking out from below those chunky cheeks. He is full of smiles and so patient with his youngest older siblings. He is beginning to master the floor-scoot which generally precedes the soldier-crawl. Oh, how I love this baby.

(By the way, all pictures are by Jason at Backroads Photography. Have you checked out his website yet? No time is better than the present.)


Cami said...

You do have pretty awesome kids! And you're one awesome mom, so you can brag about them anytime you feel so inclined!

P.S. Do you have any girls in achievement days now? I'm teaching a class on cake decorating tomorrow (all thanks to you) you should come visit me.

pam said...

Absolutely 100% awesome. You can brag on those kids anytime!

My mom was very impressed with how wonderful your kids were when she came out to visit. Maybe I could take lessons!

Stephenie said...

You have a beautiful family. Brag all you want. It is great to hear about them.

laura said...

That is such a great post about your darling and smart and charming kids. Love it. I can't believe I taught Coolister so long ago. He's so grown up.

annette said...

You have wonderful kids and I adore them all! I just love reading about them!!!

Chelle! said...

Oh, I loved all of those pictures!!! Gerb, your children are absolutely radiant!!

Teachinfourth said...

Three down in the classroom...only 6 left to go. That means I only need to teach in school for another...10 years, right?

Those photos are amazing! Who did you say took them?

Shellie said...

You have a right to brag, what wonderful blessings!

Carmen said...

Your children are beautiful!!!!