Monday, November 10, 2008

We Still Have Thanksgiving

First of all, let me just say that I LOVE Christmas. I especially love how it brings out the best in so many people. But you know what? I also love Thanksgiving. And I wish people would stop acting like it doesn't exist.

Have I mentioned that I don't want to hear Christmas music until after Thanksgiving? Well, I don't. You can listen now. That's all fine and good, and I'll still be your friend. But I don't want to.

So, in the spirit of my desire to recognize Thanksgiving for the fabulous holiday that it is, I am creating a compilation CD with Thanksgiving music. But here's where I need your help.

I only have one song in mind so far.

Thankful by Josh Groban

Do you know of any other great songs that talk about being thankful? Please, enlighten me, and I'll share my final playlist later.

Save me from the Christmas music.


~j. said...

I'm with you. I won't listen until after Thanksgiving dinner.

Adam Sandler's Thanksgiving Song

Dido's Thank You

Alanis Morissett's Thank U

Boyz II Men's Thank You (I'm serious. I really like this song.)

~j. said...

That's MorissettE

Katelyn said...

mormon tab. count your blessings?

-katelyn larson

Holmes said...

How about "Happy Birthday." I was born the day before Thanksgiving and my birthday falls on Thanksgiving Day every five or six years (depending on Leap Year) and I hate the fact that Thanksgiving gets overlooked! Okay, so you really don't have to put "Happy Birthday" on the CD, but I sure would love to see/hear what you come up with.

Rebecca said...

Good thing you give me permission to listen to it, and you'll still be my friend, because Christmas CDs are in my cars and house players already. (I don't really listen to the radio much.) I love Christmas music, and three weeks of it in December is just not enough for me. But once Christmas day ends....I get over the holly jolly mood. Are you one who drags it into January? Just curious.

Anyway, you can find a free download of "For the Beauty of the Earth" at

cari said...

Mary Chapin-Carpenter's Thanksgiving Song

I happen to love Christmas music and can listen to it all year long. It doesn't bother me having it playing on the radio so early. It gets me in the holiday spirit and by "holiday spirit" I mean Thanksgiving also. It would be nice if they played the few Thanksgiving songs along with the Christmas ones though.

I do have a hard time with stores decorating for Christmas before Halloween though. I think some stores where getting ready in September! Ridiculous.

annette said...

We are twins. I cannot express enough how annoyed I get seeing Thanksgiving just get skipped!!! Banana wants me to buy a giant inflatable turkey for our yard. (Do those exist?)

Great TG music: George Winston's "Thanksgiving". One of my all time fav.'s

We would LOVE a copy of such a CD!

Cami said...

I was going to suggest Alanis Morissette Thank U, but someone already beat me.

How about:

Kelly Clarkson - Thank You
MoTab - For the Beauty of the Earth
Natalie Cole - Be Thankful
Abba - Thank You for the Music
Natalie Merchant - Kind & Generous

Threeundertwo said...

I think the children's song "Over the river and through the woods. . ." is actually a Thanksgiving song.

I agree, poor T day gets lost in the Christmas madness, and I can't stand how stores put out Christmas stuff before Halloween now. I guess Thanksgiving isn't marketable enough.

If you make a cd, will you let us know how to get a copy? Or maybe do a giveaway? I'd love one!

pam said...

Weird, I wondered why "Be Not Afraid" was playing in my head this morning. Especially since I was thinking of the "folk mass" version (picture 1970s guitars, long hair, and Sister Madeline exhorting us to sing louder! louder!).

Guess it was a premonition for your post, even if it's not technically a Thanksgiving song. ;o)

Kyle and Jen said...

Here's a stretch.... In thinking about the Thanksgiving feast, you could include this song from the Sons of Provo. It is about blessing our food. It's called BlessNurish. I call it "nourish and strengthen our bodies." It cracks me up every time I hear it.

Can't wait to see the play list!

Kyle and Jen said...

Gerb--I need Rebecca's email address. Can you send it to me?

Shaine said...

MoTab: Because I Have Been Given Much (I think there might actually be a Thanksgiving section in the hymnal.

Teachinfourth said...

I believe THIS album is what you've been looking for. Oh, and yes...I own it.

Shellie said...

Ummm My mind is a blank, but honest, I'm grateful! I just spend the season thinking morbid thoughts because most of the deaths in our family happened close to Thanksgiving. BUT, honest, it's an important holiday and I HATE that it is turning into a shopping day! I'd love to see a great playlist for Thanksgiving.