Thursday, June 12, 2008

Free Hot Dog Friday!

Who doesn't love free stuff? It's Free Hot Dog Day at Hot Dog on a Stick TOMORROW, Friday, June 13 from 5 to 8 p.m. They are giving away free hot-dogs-on-a-stick to celebrate their 60th Anniversary. Take the whole fam!

I will go enjoy one to celebrate the 20th anniversary of my quitting working there!

(I was the favored lemonade-maker, for your information.)


Teachinfourth said... wore one of those outfits? Including the hat?

Hmmm...that explains a lot of things about your family in the here and now. I finally understand just why your entire family is emotionally scarred.

...well, ElemenoB will probably make it, as for the rest, well, there's still prayer and fasting.

Gerb said...

Sorry to disappoint, but the tall hats were not part of the uniform for me. Just a baseball cap.

I was a little sad about it at the time, actually.

It's all about the "Crew" said...

How do you find out about all these free deals?

cari said...

Yeah, where do you find out about the free deals?

Gerb said...

Crew & Cari-
I'm on the KK mailing list so they emailed me about National Donut Day. I saw a sign at HDonaS last week. So, just lucky I guess!