Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It's Raining...But I'm Not Complaining!

I love the rain.

My kids had swimming lessons this morning at our local outdoor pool. They were hoping lessons would be canceled due to the weather, but the rule is If there is no lightning then lessons go on! Awesome! I mean , were they worried they would get wet or something?

Most mothers huddled inside the building while their kids learned to kick and bob and dive. But me? I enjoyed the rain for a full half-hour from a poolside chair.

My love affair with rain started at an early age when my parents would pop some corn and sit with us on out front porch during rainstorms in Iowa. We would sit in silence, munching popcorn and watching the rain fall, and then enjoy the beautiful rainbows the rain would leave behind as a farewell.

As a teenager I loved listening to the rain from under the lifeguard station near Knob Hill at Redondo Beach. It was my special place to go when the rain came - I would pack my journal as well as a few snacks and ride my bike or drive to the beach in the rain, then run through the sand for the cover of the small wooden building. I could spend hours there recording my thoughts, ideas & poetry to the steady beat of a good rainstorm.

Have you ever thought about how many great songs there are that talk about or refer to rain? I love the way songs can put to words and sweet melodies what is in my heart.

I love the rain.


annette said...

Nothing beats a good Tennessee summer storm. It comes in a 20 minute downpour of puddle splashy warmness that drenches you in 2 seconds flat. The joy of dancing in such heaven sent soup for the soul is like the worlds largest sprinkler party, only a thousand times better!

Threeundertwo said...

I love the rain too. Ironic, since I live in California now and it's dry as dust here. Enjoy it for me!

Teachinfourth said...

It's raining again...

I did a search and found over 700 songs which refer to rain. A favorite of mine is, "Laughter in the Rain." by Neil Sedaka. There's just some really good memories from the past linked with that song.

I also have some good memories of talking to a friend of mine once while the rains came tumbling down.
I love it too...

Rebecca said...

I used to look forward to rain, too...the same way I look forward to the sun now, and run outside to enjoy it whenever it comes around.

Rena said...

Sometimes your blog just brings this flood of old memories in. I know the place of which you speak. Thanks for cosistently giving me a place to come and read that just feels like home.

Gerb said...

Well said. It sounds heavenly!

As long as you will enjoy the beach for me. That's the one thing I miss about California!

700 songs! "But Not Tonight" by Depeche Mode is my favorite rain song for the same reason you mentioned - memories.

Good times.

It's all a matter of perspective, I guess, eh?

I love having you come visit! I consider your comment as a wonderful compliment -thanks.

Chelle! said...

Oh, I love the rain. But, my most favorite thing to do when it is the blinds (so I can see the rain), grab a quilt and curl up and read a good book. Sometimes, I just love to listen to the rain as it pounds on the roof!!

Maleen said...

Funny, I was in the pool with my kids during swimming lessons (since I am taking my toddler in) and it was a little chilly. I would much rather have watched from the sidelines. It wasn't the getting wet part as much as the getting cold part that was a problem. But warm baths took care of that when we got home.