Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rollerskating Dream

So maybe I'm a little too excited about getting my new skates. They haven't arrived yet, but last night I had a very vivid, crazy dream...

My skates had arrived! I opened the box in eager anticipation and discovered they were actually plastic Barbie skates. This seemed completely normal and I was undeterred. I strapped them on (a perfect fit!) and went outside to give them a whirl. I started to skate and realized they were actually an AMAZING pair of skates - I could move quickly on them and they made me feel so alive! After a while I realized I was not skating in my neighborhood, but through downtown Clinton, Iowa, where I grew up. I began to have a feeling that I needed to get somewhere quick, so I skated faster and faster, relishing the speed and fluid motion of the skates. I had a mixture of emotions - the urgent need to get somewhere or find something, yet a complete feeling of peace and elation as my skates took me all over town. I skated through parks, over bridges, inside of department stores and even did a couple laps at The Shamrock roller rink. I never got to where I needed to go, and I never figured out where that was, either - but it was important.

My question (and challenge) for you is this: what does it all mean?


Rebecca said...

Here's what it means: You're getting enough sleep to have a real dream!! And you still have enough brain cells to remember your dream in great detail. I'm jealous, on both accounts.

It's all about the "Crew" said...

So, that's why you invited me to go skating with you when you visited me tonight! Sorry I didn't get it at the time -but I hadn't read your post yet.

Hope I didn't keep you chatting too long -but it sure was fun! It's crazy how very little live adult conversations I have.

Love the dream analysis from Rebecca. Since I am a dreamer myself, I'd like to hope those things are true. My thought is - you still feel young and free spirited, and female hormones are running strong! :)

Farscaper said...

LOL about Rebecca's comment! That's awesome.

My interpretation is:
The place that made you feel the most happy was in Iowa. The skates are your ticket to escape to your "happy place". And the fact that they're Barbie skates that are awesome and fit well mean that you're still just a kid at heart and are easily made happy (that's a good thing).

(am I close?)

Threeundertwo said...

You are a happy kid at heart, and your new skates will help you tap into that even more.

Teachinfourth said...

Maybe the plastic skates are a representation of all of those things in life which get us all over the place and use our time, however, don't really get us to our final destination...that or, maybe they were Barbie skates because you have always had a secret fetish for Barbie toys and your parents never would buy you any of them. OR maybe the skates represent escape to a happy, simpler time. OR maybe they are actually a metaphor of your life thus far. Or MAYBE the dream was nothing more than a mismash of firing neurons in your brain and your mind was trying to make sense of everything in your instead came out as a bizarre dream of skating with Barbie. the final analysis, the most important thing is that the skates are on their way, and you are excited. Much like Calvin when he was eagerly awaiting his propeller beanie...I just hope you don't get his same disappointment.

Gerb said...

Amen! Baby O only wakes up once on a good night. If he wakes up too much my sweet spouse will get up and make him a bottle so I can get some sleep (and sanity)!

Pretty sad that we live down the street from each other and only know each other through blogging, isn't it? It was fun to break through the barrier and come chat for awhile.

Iowa was definitely a happy time, and I like to think I'll always be a kid at heart. I understand more and more how those "old people" felt (my 30-something youth leaders) when they'd tell me they still felt like they were 18. I'm totally in the same boat now!

I sure hope so. I'm feeling like a kid the day before a trip to Disneyland!

you've got something there...we all spend a little too much time on the time-wasters, don't we?
Alas, I fear that your final analysis is accurate - my brain has too much to process by the time my head hits the pillow.

ablackman said...

Gerb, I just read your roller skating posts and had a premonition of the dream I expect to have tonight. Something about a desperate search for a full-body cast designed for a breastfeeding mother.

Shellie said...

The important thing you were trying t get to was the free feeling you had as a kid, just skating and doing things for the fun of it!