Sunday, June 1, 2008

One Crazy Week in a Nutshell

Last week was the last week of school, and it was a crazy week. The good kind of crazy, but crazy nonetheless. ElemenoB was invited to her middle school's Honors Night where she received a certificate for maintaining a 4.0 GPA the entire year, as well as an award for Outstanding Performance in SCIENCE! Science, people! And yes, she is my biological daughter. Considering I passed science class by bribing Mr. Beck with a small carton of chocolate milk and 2 chocolate chip cookies from the school cafeteria in order to avoid class any time we dissected anything... she must take after her Dad. Crazy! (in a good way...)

We also had 6th grade graduation for Thumbelina. Here she is after the ceremony with 2 of her friends.
Her teacher also had a class program where she received awards for the "Foot Hall of Fame" (reading a whole bunch of books to equal the height of her foot 5 times over) and the "Soaring Dragon" (completing 13 of 17 goals throughout the school year). Here's my favorite picture from the evening of the class program. It shows you why I considered "Granny" as a blog nickname for this little spitfire. Her teacher and a friend are trying out her unique style of wearing glasses. Kind of makes it hard to see, don't you think? Crazy kid. (Crazy in a good way.)

This week I also registered All-a-boy, Cowgirl and Princess at a new elementary school. It was a strange feeling, walking into a new (aka: different) school and making the decision final that it was where my kids will now be 'starting over'. They have a few friends who will be attending the school as well because of boundary changes in the district, but for the most part it will be a whole new world. I think they'll like it once they get used to it. It'll be a little crazy at first, but crazy in a good way.

Throw in a pack meeting, a doctor's appointment, family home evening, church activities for the teens, a parent meeting to discuss summer plans, a birthday party, summer reading program sign-ups at the library and the regular craziness we face daily and you've got one crazy week!

But hey, crazy is good.

I like crazy. They know me there.


laura said...

No more SSV, huh? Crazy!

~j. said...

New school! My kids are going to be going to a new school in the fall, too. In fact, they'll you say...Dragons.

Hi! said...

New school was a nervous and exciting time for mine girl. She might end up trying it again this next year. Well she will as any way you look at here or the new state she'll have to be at a new school.

Oh and VERY important. CRAZY is good we like it here too.

Teachinfourth said...

Your daughter's teacher seems pretty cool. He is a pretty good looking guy too, some people get it all.

As for changes, I'm in the boat with you. Of course, I will be one of the slaves rowing the galley. Hopefully, you'll come by every once and again to fetch those of us a bit less fortunate a ladleful of water.

Trish said...

I hope you enjoy the new school as I am leaving that one for another new school. I am going to miss it terribly. :( Just when you are switching, so are we. The timing thing stinks!

Rebecca said...

I'm so jealous that you're already starting summer there! We still have 2.5 weeks of school left here, and even then, it won't really be "summer" (probably).

Gerb said...

Nope, no more SSV. It's a strange feeling after having kids there for 10 years!

You are one of a few good families I know going IN to the school that we're leaving behind. If you need any recommendations on teachers, let me know!

I think my kids will do well with it. It's me who doesn't like change. Good luck to you with your changes, too!

tchn5th (aka: slave-rower)-
Yes, Thumbelina's teacher is a pretty cool guy. In fact, I bet the two of you would be great friends. If not, though, there's always his twin brother...

I guess my younger kids will have to wait to be in school with yours at the high school level, eh? Maybe the new school will stink and you'll come back to AE?

Any trips back to Zion planned for the summer? 'Cause then maybe Thumbelina won't hate me for not granting her wish to travel to WA for Kate's bday this year.

Chelle! said...

WOW!! Congratulations to your gorgeous daughter... 4.0!!! You go girl!!!

Farscaper said...

Gerb - I totally understand the "good kind of crazy" you're talking about. I didn't want to do anything "extra" that week.

We've switched schools too. The poor school district people. They had to approve a LOT of school changes this year.