Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hard-Headed, Thick-Skulled - Call It What You Want

I took my kids to the park today. My plan was to let them play while I watched from the sidelines with Baby O, but he fell asleep in his carseat and didn't need any attention - and why should they have all the fun? So I started to run around and goof off a little and then I turned and... BAM!


Where did that bar come from?

Then, "Are you OK, mom?" (giggle, giggle)
Me: "No... Yes. I'm fine." (forced laughter)
Them: (giggle, giggle) "Don't laugh at mom, she got hurt." (giggle, giggle)
Me: "I'm going to go check on the baby and sit for a minute."
Them: "Watch your head on the way..." (loud laugh)

And of course, in a few seconds I was fine. It got me thinking that I have a long history of hitting my head but suffering no serious bumps or bruises or headaches (etc.) afterwards. So, if you care to know, here's a brief history of the bumps I remember in chronological order (and summarized form).

  • Age 5 (or so): Hit side of forehead on the corner of a table at parent's friend's house. No stitches needed.
  • Age 8: Hit back of head on the corner of a wall at church when I tried to kick a ball but somehow fell backwards. Stitches needed.
  • Age 9: First time skiing, forehead vs. tree. (Tree won.) Stitches needed, loathing for snow skiing continues today.
  • Age 11: Hit in forehead by a baseball during P.E. Felt fine, but went to the nurse to avoid the remainder of P.E.
  • Age 13: Hit head on side of pool in Bay Village apartments - caused a nosebleed and severe embarrassment. (They're not kidding when they say not to run by the pool because you can slip.)
  • Age 14: Passed out in the bathroom at Young Women's camp while waiting for a shower, (combination of altitude and heat got to me, apparently) hit my head (HARD!) on the sink on my way down. No bump, no medical attention needed - however, my friends covered me with my towel and got the father of a guy I liked to come help. Embarrassed again.
  • Age 16: Goofing around in a VW in a parking lot with friends after a youth dance, driver slammed on the brakes. I was in the front passenger seat without my seatbelt on and cracked the windshield with my forehead. I felt fine. He felt terrible, and so did I when I realized that he would have to replace his windshield. It looked really bad but my head was fine.
  • Age (sometime after marriage): Running with my niece at a splash park under a rainbow made of metal bars when WHAMMO! it stopped me cold. I guess I thought the bars were higher than they were. We have that one on video somewhere. No damage, just some tenderness for a few days.
  • Age (sometime in the last 8 years or so): Started to back the suburban out of the garage and some (very large) particle boards or MDF or something heavy stored against the wall started to fall on the suburban. My initial reaction was to jump out and stop it from hitting the hood of the vehicle. So instead it hit me (in the head and shoulder, knocking me to the ground) and the hood. (note to self: Hard head, but no superhuman strength. Dang.)
  • Age 36: Today's playground mishap. Still a bit tender where it hit, but no bumps.
I'm sure there were more incidents in there, but those are the ones that stand out. I remember all of these accidents because the initial pain of the hit was always enough to make me go blank for a second or two, then I was fine. How did this not cause severe problems?

Oh. I get it.


Mom not Mum said...


Threeundertwo said...

My head hurts just reading that! How have you avoided concussions so many times? I think your steel skull is a gift. I also think you should stop testing it now.

Maleen said...

Wow! The fact that you remember all of them too. I was voting that you might have an adamantium skeleton like Wolverine, but the lack of super human strength may rule that one out.

Rebecca said...

That's quite a list. Just imagine how long it would be if you itemized all the other times when you hit your head so hard that you don't remember it at all! ;)

DaNae said...

Ok, that one had me in tears. I need to see this video of you falling. Oh my, how funny. Also, were their other people at the park staring at you afterward? That is my favorite thing to witness... somebody falling, slipping,tripping, bonking their head (or the best is if it all happens at once). Sad, I know... but I will laugh about it for weeks; unless I fall... then it's not so funny. Maybe this is why America's Funniest Home Videos is my favorite show ever? Anyway, glad you are ok! But sad I missed it!

Sybrina said...

World Record for surviving Most Head injuries? Yikes!

Farscaper said...

WOW! (those are just the ones you remember... The others are the ones you hit even harder and lost your memory). You looked fine when I got there to pick up my kids. I would have never known.

I have a battle with gravity. I've had a few small events where I was able to throughly entertain a large group of people around me (H.S. parking lot comes to mind).

Just this past Sunday was another lifelong battle between me gravity and stairs. Gravity won.

annette said...

Hard head- that's me too! I've had a few head injuries myself with narry a bump.

One time I went to open up a garage door (no automatic opener) and the whole door somehow broke the side bar that it rolls up on and it fell, right on my head! No stitches nor concussion, just a little lump, and a surprised friend who kept asking, "Are you sure you're okay?".

I knew we had a lot in common, but this is just too much!