Thursday, January 31, 2008

Youth Honor President Hinckley

From the newsroom on today:

"Preparing for school on Monday morning took a different turn for thousands of teenage Mormon students who, some 12 hours earlier, had learned of the death of their Church president, Gordon B. Hinckley.

The students responded to a flood of text messages from teens in at least six states, suggesting they arrive at school in their “Sunday best,” rather than their accustomed jeans or other casual clothes, as a symbol of respect and honor to their deceased leader."

We have some amazing youth in our church today. Watch this video created by LDS Media Services to capture this event and

see if you can spot my handsome oldest boy!

Here's the link:


Pam said...

Handsome is right. On the outside and the inside! Gramma would be so proud. =)

Rebecca said...

Awesome...what else can I say? And to follow up on your previous post, your son didn't need to have a cell phone of his own to get the message! ;)

Julie said...

Compulsive Writer's oldest son is in there too--the fourth one interviewed and the first boy shown in a white shirt. What good looking kids!

compulsive writer said...

Hi--julie sent me over here to see my son, too. What great kids. Thanks for the link!