Saturday, January 5, 2008

All Clear

For those of you who expressed concern, you will be happy to know that my kid's names have been changed on my Christmas morning post. Although the info was on there for long enough to reveal their identities, they are now protected from blogstalkers.

I suppose that I had too much peace on earth on the mind, it being the holidays and all, and just used the names I know them best by. The new names I came up with are almost as good, and much better than initials. I don't know if I will ever use them again, but there you have it.

Thank you for your concern.


Teachinfourth said...'s a good thing I know who your kids are because that, my friend, is confusing...but funny.

I think my favorite name is, "The Little Lady Who Refers To Herself In The Third Person." This makes me think of a Seinfield episode with "Jimmy."

Rebecca said...

Are you giving your children new names in conjunction with going into hiding/hibernation? Where have you been, Gerb? Please give me something to read!

Gerb said...

I enjoy confusion on occasion. It keeps people on their toes!

And Jimmy is hilarious. We could film a whole episode like that around here with our little lady!

My next post will answer some of that...when I g to it. I'll have to email you. Life has been CRAZY, sista!

Gina said...

You come to my house and we will do the blog clothing thing. I know that is asking a lot with so many little ones in tow. But, I don't know much. I only know exactly what I did for mine. I couldn't teach too much in any format other than just doing what I know. What I know takes about 3 hours. I am more than willing to set it up together, though, so you let me know. Otherwise,...well, you should just contact me. We will talk!

annette said...

Love the new names! BaNaNa would like to change "taller" to "wishes he was hot". (I assume in retaliation to how she is identified on your caller ID ! :) )