Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Welcome to the Technology Age

When it comes to technology, we can be a bit slow on the uptake.

I vividly remember when Compact Discs began to replace tapes. Who would want to carry around a bunch of easily breakable circles when sturdy tapes were available? I refused to make the switch, because I KNEW that CDs would not last like I KNEW Ricky Schroder from "Silver Spoons" was going to be my boyfriend someday.

Maybe I was wrong about CDs. (and the Rickster.)

And then DVD players. What? What in the world was wrong with VHS tapes? And how could DVDs fit into my VHS storage tower? Did someone expect people to buy DVDs to replace all of the movies they already owned on VHS? What a silly idea.

Ok, strike two.

And "mobile phones"...come on! Are people really that busy that they need to have a phone in their CAR the size of an industrial-strength walkie-talkie? Ok, so they got smaller... and smaller... and then I got one, but just as an emergency phone while I was driving a one-hour commute to and from downtown in the wee hours of the night. When the year contract was up, I was happy to be rid of it.

Well, life happens. There were a few things that happened that just SCREAMED to us, "GET CELL PHONES ALREADY!!" So we finally succumbed, with the idea that it is good for our kids to be able to get a hold of us at all times. I'm not sure which of my kids was more excited - you'd have thought these phones were for them! And I don't care if every kid in middle and high school has a phone - my kids aren't getting one. All they use them for is "texting" each other anyway. What ever happened to passing notes?? Have you seen the handwriting of teenagers these days? Atrocious! My little 6-year-old Cowgirl even requested a phone of her own. I just laughed and said, "Oh, sweetie, kids your age don't have phones." "Yes they do. A girl in my class has her own phone."

You've got to be kidding me.


Shellie said...

I am astounded at how young they are using them. I still hold off, just have one with a card for emergencies only. My daughter got one at 16 but she has to pay for it with her own money. It has been helpful to keep track of her when she doesn't show up when expected, but I don't really like it otherwise.

Rebecca said...

Did you know Ricky is a Mormon?

Gerb said...


It's probably because of that Book of Mormon I sent him when I was 9, along with a request for an autographed photo.

Cami said...

It does seem that kids who have cell phones are getting younger and younger. My kids have a couple of toy cell phones. Okay, probably more like 10 toy cell phones.

I'm with the crowd who will hold off on getting cell phones for their kids. I liked the whole "passing notes" thing in High School. Guess I'm just old fashioned!

It's all about the "Crew" said...

Yeah...after that last big power outage, we decided to break down and get one too. Ours is a pay as you go. My favorite thing- walking by all the cell phone stands and telling them how much better MY deal is than theirs..and the bonus is that I don't really give out my number to anyone but babysitters and our family, so I am not being called ALL the time.

I think we'll loan ours to our kids for dates, but we won't get them one till college!

Michelle said...

Welcome to the world of technology. Before long--you will be texting with the rest of us. HEE HEE!!! I do love my cell phone--it does get me a sense of security. Whenever I am stranded my good buddy-Mr. Cell is right there to call my parents for help!!

Gina said...

Don't get me started on the texting thing. I have seen it done during a church calling setting apart blessing and so much more. EEEKKK! I promise my kids won't have them either.

annette said...

Yes, I too joined the tech. age just 4 months ago when my hubby went off to never-land to learn to fly and I was by my lonesome here w/the kiddos. I keep it on me 24/7 so they know they can get a hold of me anytime.

Now my girls are wanting their own. My oldest is gone hither and yon so often, I will probably break down so I can get a hold of her whenever I need to. There will be no text msg. ability on it and she will only be able to give and receive calls from the numbers I program in it. It's called a "child's phone". She's not as excited as she use to be about getting one, but she does agree w/me that it would be a good idea so we can get a hold of eachother whenever we need to.

Did you really send Ricky a BOM?