Saturday, January 19, 2008

I'm Turning Into My Mother! (in-law)

Heard any good mother-in-law jokes lately? Me either. I can never relate to them, because I absolutely love, adore, respect and look up to my in-laws. In fact, they are not really in-laws, just "Mom and Dad".

When my own Dad died 7 years ago, the loss was immensely difficult. But, knowing that I still had my "other dad" made it much easier. Since we married I have never felt like a daughter-in-law, only another daughter.

Last week as I looked down at the slices of homemade bread covering the counter top, ready to be made into sandwiches for the lunches I was packing, I had a thought pop into my head: I am becoming my mother-in-law! I couldn't have felt more proud.

Here are some of the reasons why I love my "other parents" so much, and why we look to them as examples for our own lives:
  • Mom has made lunches for 16 kids and her husband each morning before school for most of her married life.
  • She makes the best homemade bread on the planet.
  • She shares my love for finding a great bargain and takes me to all of the good thrift stores when we come to visit.
  • According to my oldest boy, nothing is better than Grandma's food. I think we all agree!
  • My husband and all 15 of his siblings learned the value of hard work because it was expected of them. The boys all left home knowing how to fix their cars (engine, body & interior) & homes (construction, electrical, plumbing, etc.) on their own because it was taught to them as they were raised.
  • They taught their children to look to each other as friends which has created bonds that are still strong today.
  • Dad has been a school teacher his entire married life and was able to comfortably support their large family on that salary because he and mom knew how to manage their finances without going into debt.
  • They emphasized the importance of education (from elementary through college) with their children so that each child's future would be more secure.
  • Home was (and still is, even for in-laws!) a refuge, a place where the gospel of Jesus Christ was taught and lived and everyone felt loved and safe.
The list could go on forever, but let me end with my absolute favorite thing about them:
  • They brought my husband into the world, along with 15 other amazing people who I am lucky enough to call my family.
How did I ever get so lucky?


Michelle said...

Gerb, those were the sweetest things ever to say about your "other parents". But, it is hard to disagree that they have an wonderful daughter-in-law. How I wish that my sister-in-laws would think that about my parents--I think that my parents are absolutely the world. As for one day soon (I hope), I hope that I can say that about my other parents. But,

annette said...

Such an amazing family! How blessed you and I are! I adore my in-laws too. They even took me through the temple when my parents couldn't and Rob and I were just "friends w/potential". (I'll let you know a little secret... When I had my doubts about Rob, I wondered if it would be right to marry him- just for his family! True story. Shhh!:)

Boyd and Sarise said...

Gerb, I agree with you 100%!!!! I couldn't ask for a better set of in-laws. There couldn't be a better family to be apart of.

Cami said...

I love my in-laws too. My father-in-law was an amazing man, and I'm so sad that my kids won't have the chance to know him in this life. All I can do is teach them about him, and hope they learn to know him.

My mother-in-law is amazing. She is like Martha Stewart, but better (and nicer). I love having her come when I have my babies. She's amazing with kids (she had 7 of her own). Maybe some of her wonderful qualities will begin to rub off on me...hopefully.

Julie said...

(sniff) She sounds like my mom...except that my mom had only 7 kids. The rest is the same. Maybe because they are sisters? Seriously, though, all those Burton women are amazing. (As are you. You fit right in.)

Cari H said...

How lucky you are! I wish I could say beautiful things like that about my in-laws. It took me 10 years to be able to call my Mother-in-law "Mommy" (Weird, I know, but that's what everyone calls her. Thank heavens because my mom is the only one I could call "Mom".) Let's just say that my inlaws are complete opposites of yours and leave it at that!

Tristin said...

Wow, what wonderful words.