Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mind Blather

Image Credit: L.Vazquez/Gulf News

As has become an annual tradition, I took ElemenoB shopping for her birthday last month. We enjoyed perusing the racks at various places and found a few great things to add to her wardrobe. In fact, we even found a new second-hand store that had some great things available at amazing prices.

The only problem was the music (if you could call it that) that they chose to play in this particular store. I am guessing that, in order to be a hip place to shop (does anyone say 'hip' anymore?) they felt that they needed to play what I consider to be offensive.

I'm talking about songs that are completely (and blatantly) talking about sex or sexual innuendo. And the majority of people shopping here were girls my daughter's age. It made me feel sick.

Do people really not listen to what's being played on the overhead speakers? Even when it's so loud you can hardly have a conversation? I was happy to leave. The merchandise was great, the prices were awesome - but the atmosphere that the inappropriate 'music' created cancelled those out.

I'm thinking a friendly email to the store is in order - because I'd love to shop there again, but not if the offensive mind-blather is coursing through my eardrums. If that's the dynamic they're catering to then I really shouldn't be shopping there, anyway.


Rachel said...

Interesting you should post this. If you go to and look at the top 100 songs in all genres you will that every song is sexual. These are songs that are playing over and over and over again on radio stations non stop that our youth are listening to. I for one am VERY concerned.

I think you should write the email! If there is one (of many) things I am learning from the scriptures it is not to sit back and complacently let things go to pot but to stand up and be a voice.

Linn said...

Bleh! Good for you, Gerb. I'm with Rachel (and you) on this one. Glad she wrote it so eloquently first. I don't think we have even seen the tip of the iceberg on what this is doing to young and old alike.

Emily said...

Why tippie-toe around the name of the store? Stores are more willing to make change when they are blasted with feedback of the same nature. By mentioning the name of the store, you can get your friends to also make the same comments to the store...

I would be one of those friends that would make the call/send the email, etc!

Gerb said...

Good point, Emily. I sent an email and have not received any response yet. The store is called trendyXchange and the one we shopped at is located in Provo.

Rachel & Linn- It's pretty scary, isn't it? I'm quite happy keeping my family in our own little bubble. And Rachel, thanks for the push to send the email. So far, no response.

Sarah said...

I agree, letting them know is the best course to take. My 7-year-old left one store singing the lyrics, "I'm sexy and I know it" and I was FLOORED! He had NO idea what sexy meant, but he thought the song had a good beat and latched onto the words in the chorus by hearing it ONE time in a store full of people/toys/distractions/conversations with me!