Friday, December 30, 2011

Good Thinking

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Since Christmas the kids have been pretty much glued to the Wii controllers and the computer screen. So after lunch yesterday I declared our house an electronics-free zone. "Go do something creative that does not involve electronics!" I announced.

The kids asked:

"Can I paint a picture?"

"Can I play in the backyard?"

"Can I ride my bike?"

"Can I build my train set?"

"Can I make cookies?"

"Can I search out the true location of Sasquatch?"

I answered every question with a resounding YES. And I made the last kid take her camera along - you know, just in case.


Rachel said...

Tell your kids that Sasquatch lives in our ditch behind our house and have them come over and yank The Native's off of our Wii and electronics to go looking for it!

A Lark said...

Love this! I need to post it in my classroom some days....