Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sew Awesome

Thumbelina has been taking sewing classes at the high school. This year she made a coat for a competition called "Make It With Wool". She had been working on it at school, so I wasn't able to see it until it was almost finished. And when I saw it... holy cow! I was SO impressed. Not only is it awesome from the outside, the inside is fully lined!

I mean, seriously - check out how nice that looks!

Gorgeous! And probably her favorite feature is the ability to instantly become a Jedi when necessary:

She took 2nd place in the sewing competition with this coat. I can't wait to see how she does next year.

About a week before Christmas break, Thumbelina mentioned that she'd like to make Christmas gifts for all of her siblings. She was still working on her last one on Christmas Eve, but she did it! Want to see what she created? I thought you'd never ask!

ElemenoB got this reversible shoulder bag which was crafted from an old sheet and pillowcase found at our local secondhand store. (If you're interested in actually making this, Thumbelina's version has a longer strap.)

Thumbelina made Princess this adorable pleated wrap-around skirt.

Every superhero needs a cape, so naturally that's what Little O received.

Mom! Take anudder pitchur of me wif my gun!

Well, okay, since you're so stinkin' adorable...

Curly got a cute tiered skirt to wear with her favorite leggings.

Cowgirl was gifted some much-needed new pajama pants made from the perfect western-themed flannel. (McCalls pattern #8434)

And the oldest 3 boys got ties. (The links are for 2 different tie patterns depending on the size of person you are making it for.)

Incidentally, I can not even begin to express how difficult it was to get these three bozos to stand still long enough to take a picture. They kept wanting to cross their eyes or throw me a creepy gaze or jump in the air or some such thing. I finally got them to just be normal for half a second with the promise of taking this next picture, too:

(You're welcome.)

Nice job, Thumbelina! You put my sewing skills to shame.


Annette said...

WOW, WOW, WOW!! I'm very impressed, what talent!

Rachel said...

I join Annette in the WOW WOW WOW WOW WOWZA! Good job! That coat is fantastic!! And all of the other gifts she made...... I am SEW IMPRESSED! How fun that she has such talent and used it to make gifts for her siblings.

I just taught my poor young women how to make pajama pants. Took us forever because me, the teacher, had to keep figuring out what I was doing. :) I think I need to take lessons from your girl!

P.S. How is it you can take a photo during Christmas break in a bedroom that is so clean???? My entire house looks like it didn't survive an earthquake........

A Lark said...

The coat is beautiful and everything else was great! Tell her I think she is amazingly talented! (:

Blogful said...

Holy cow! Wow. Amazing. What a great sewer. She's been working hard. Thanks for the links so wannabes like me can give it a whirl.

Lisa & Jason said...

WOW!!! I am sew impressed with that coat! Did she use a pattern? I would love to make a Jedi coat (though it would not look as good as hers...that lining and top stitching...)

Linn said...

Holy frijoles, I am impressed! Is she for hire?

Deb said...

awesome gifts and the coat is really awesome!

Deb said...

awesome gifts and the coat is really awesome!

Connie said...

I am in awe of her sewing skills!

Anaise said...

I'm waaaaay impressed! What a gift!

Gerb said...

I echo what all of you said - she is seriously talented in what she creates with her sewing machine!

Annette- Me, too. Every time she makes something new I'm just speechless.

Rachel- I made some doll sized pj pants the other day and it took me well over 2 hours. She just made some in less than 30 minutes. It's almost embarrassing. And my secret to the clean bedroom is my job chart! ;)

Lark- She says to say thank you and that you're sweet.

Blogful- Those are links I had bookmarked to try myself but I think I like her creations even better than I'd like my own versions of them!

Lisa (or is it Jason?)- She did use a pattern for the coat. It's McCall's 6442, but she sewed it differently in most places to hide the stitching. She also says she lost half of the instructions so she may not have put hers together quite like the pattern says to. But you'd get a very similar result. :)

Linn- I'm sure she would love to be for hire since she doesn't get called to babysit much any more. Actually, I asked her and she said "It depends on what it is." Isn't she awesome?!

Deb- Thanks, I totally agree!

Connie- Me, too! She's incredible.

Anaise- That's exactly right. It really is a gift to be able to create these things so well and even more so to give them away so willingly!

Richard & Natalie said...

Man, I want to go back to high school and learn to sew. Or does Thumblina give lessons? Seriously, fabulous talent there.

Richard & Natalie said...

PS- I just read over the comments and you need to give us the secret of your job chart! I made one of my own and it just isn't working like I envisioned. Come on, Gerb! Share! Please!

A said...

I don't ever comment, but I just had to...that coat is crazy awesome. Runway coat! Love the other gifts too.! Obviously talented.

Sybrina said...

I read recently the word that drives linguists nuts this past year is "amazing." So, I won't use it.

Gerb, your family is purely amazin.

But, I only have one question. Why are the boys in the tub? ;)

Gerb said...

Natalie - My friend who created the job chart is re-vamping it and starting a website soon. I promise to blog all about it when she's ready! (Or call me. Or come over. I can talk you through it.) :)

A- Thanks for commenting! And you're right, she is super talented. I'm still impressed every time she wears that coat.

Sybrina- I read that, too, and I was so glad that I use 'awesome' instead. :) I kept wondering when someone would notice the tub! Our basement is mostly a work in progress and that was the only place I could find that looked good. The best part is that they didn't even question me when I told them to stand in the tub.